September 19, 2019

Seekmed offers Nigerians free heart consultations

Seekmed offers Nigerians free heart consultations

By Chioma Obinna

Few weeks after it launched in Ghana and Nigeria, Telemedicine app SeekMed is offering a two –week free heart consultations to Nigerians on the app.  The free heart consultation which started on the 14th of September, 2019 would run through September 30th, 2019.

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According to the officials of Seekmed, the app would use the exercise to offer users access to quality remote medical services including consultations and diagnostic services and also demonstrate to users how they can sidestep the inefficient conventional diagnostic and consulting process without spending a fortune to do so.

In line with World Heart Day on September 29, SeekMed has also declared September a Heart Awareness Month.

As part of its activities marking this month, the free heart consultation period will connect users with award-winning medical doctors in India, enabling them to leapfrog the time-consuming, difficult and often expensive process of travelling long distances for clinical consultations.

Speaking on the objectives of the free heart consultation, SeekMed founder Alok Awasthi said:

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“This is heart awareness month, and this is one of our activities signifying how seriously we take cardiovascular health. On the other hand, this also gives us a chance to demonstrate to our users just how useful, convenient and powerful the app is. We expect that after high quality consultations with accomplished international heart doctors, our new and existing users will further appreciate the possibilities created by the SeekMed app.”

To benefit from the free heart consultation on the SeekMedApp, you may download the app exclusively on the Google Play Store at https://goo.ggl/c5NU3P.  They can also visit the SeekMed website here, and follow @SeekMedApp on social media.