By Harris  Emanuel – Uyo

Former Director-General of Police, prince Udom Ekpoudom has insisted that Nigeria was not yet ripe for the establishment of state police giving its nascent political culture.


Besides, the security expert identifies funding as the major impediment to the smooth operations of state police.

Ekpoudom who stated in an interview with Vanguard online, against the backdrop of the rising wave of insecurity,  advocated for community policing as the key to unlock the security challenges bedeviling the country.

He said, ” But, let me start by saying that there is no country in the world that is crime-free. Even the so-called developed countries are not immune to violent crimes. They even have high profile crimes.

” The federal government is trying its best to curtail the excesses of these bandits. The Police and the Military are doing their best to checkmate the situation.  The government has not folded its arms and allowed a free reign by the bandits, no. The government is working.

“So, I expect the governors to do more and so, I am advocating for community policing.

I am not in support of State Police, but rather community policing.

” It would be difficult to have effective State Police because of what the governors are doing now. They would use the State Police to get at their opponents.  We can have community policing without having State Police.

“The police officers will be recruited to work in their localities. For instance, if an Uyo person is recruited to work in Uyo, he or she knows the terrain and the local language and would be able to interact adequately with the locals on any crime issue and the criminals would be apprehended.

” But, today, we have people being taken from one state to other, and when they get there, they float. They cannot find their bearing. They do not understand the local language. Therefore, we need localized policing.

“From my experience in politics, the governors would use the State Police against their perceived political enemies. The state governments have done a series of mistakes when it comes to security. And it did not start today. There are some states that I worked and the governors said, no, the Police are not under us.  But,  internal security is primarily the duties of the state governors.  That is why they have security votes. ”



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