September 13, 2019

My showbiz career has been satisfactory, says LinoMrLion

Where many entertainers complain about how challenging their careers have been, Linomrlion is one notable exception, a multi-talented artiste who considered his career in the entertainment industry as satisfactory thus far.

“So far so good, that is the summary of my career in showbiz,” he stated, “over the years, I have grown and ventured into different spheres of entertainment with ease.”

Speaking recently on a live chat with his fans on Instagram, the multifaceted comedian, artiste and model, whose real name is Wemimo Iyiola Samson, reminisced about his days of small beginnings: “My career in entertainment dated back to early 2000 when I was purely into music.

Then, I went by the stage name “Wemskills”. As young boys, we moved from studio to studio, club to club, to perform either for free or for peanuts.

Back then, my friend, X-One, now living in the United States was instrumental in our movement up and down. But today, I found myself in Turkey, and my other friends are scattered all over the world.”

Speaking about his major breakthrough in showbiz, LinoMrLion said: “Not many people will remember me for music, because that was a long time ago. But many can easily figure me out as a comedian.

So, my major breakthrough in showbiz has been in the comedy genre. My comedy skits stand out because 98% of them are shot in a foreign land, but we still manage to localize our content.

While I aspire to reach the level of top acts in the industry, what I am doing presently is well-received by my fans.”

Continuing, he pointed out that running a showbiz business in the diaspora could be quite challenging.

“But don’t forget that when there is a will, there will be a way,” he said.
According to LinoMrLion: “The will to entertain my fans both at home and abroad sometimes make me look beyond any challenge and focus on finding a way out of it.

Also, I ensure that I work within the regulatory framework of the country where the skits are being shot.”