September 26, 2019

U.S based Northern Nigerian advocate calls for release of remaining abducted aid workers

Magnafaith Krimi, Religion

By Bankole Idowu

Magnafaith Krimi, a Northern Nigerian community advocate based near Washington, has announced her displeasure and condemned the murder of an aid worker by Boko Haram militia in Borno State.

Magnafaith Krimi

Krimi, in a statement made available to newsmen by African Global Center a Non-Profit Organization headquartered in the U.S, reads in part:

“My most heartfelt condolences go to his family, friends and the entire nation”.

“Though, mainstream media within the international community rarely report killings of hardworking Nigerian women, men and their helpless children who have been hacked to death in their homes. Some kidnapped, raped, even church folks get shot to death as they leave the church after prayer meetings. Just as happened to an abducted member of the Action Against Hunger Team, a Non-Governmental Organization in Borno.

Suspected radical terrorist, Fulani herdsmen, bandits, kidnappers or in some cases thugs as they are called by various agencies locally and internationally have allegedly been cleansing the north-central states of Nigeria for almost 10 years”.

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“This tragedy has struck our community again. Humanitarian, aid workers and medical professionals are not to be counted as victims of conflicts. They sacrifice to bring relief to hurting communities and should never become a statistic of the numbing regularity.

Scores of women and children have been kidnapped on highways and held captive for days as their loved ones scramble for donations and loan for ransom. I am calling for the unconditional release of the remaining members of the Action Against Hunger team still being held captive by the Boko Haram militia”.

She, however, expressed hope in the Nigerian Armed forces and president Muhammadu Buhari to arrest the situation currently ravaging the northeast.

“I am confident that the Nigerian armed forces will ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice. Krimi said in response to the Boko Haram militia released video of the alleged execution of one of the abducted aid workers on Tuesday.

“A crisis-ridden Nigeria has negative impacts for international businesses, in which case the International Committee on Nigeria, enabled a panel of victims from Nigeria to report in congressional offices and to give testimonies to media, members of the U.S. administration, and to think tanks in June to bring awareness to the reality of the everyday living of a northern citizen of Nigeria”.

Krimi stated that there has to be an awakening of humanity in Nigeria.

“While it is nice to say we must emphasize encouragement and positive solutions within our conflict zones and that yes, we must not give up.”

Krimi ended her text as she did before, “You see, my beloved country has a problem with telling the truth about itself. It is indeed a good country. Very good. Yes, so good, it should be better”.