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Faith in the Redemptive names of God (11)

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By • J.K. Akinola. (Senior Pastor)

Jehovah Rapha (The Lord our Healer) Continued

Text: Exodus 15:26


As mentioned at the last episode, the Israelites got to this point through murmuring and complaining to Moses about the bitter waters of Marah. As was readily confirmed, God allowed this to test them of their ability to trust in Him.

J.K. Akinola. (Senior Pastor)

All  challenges of life that we face are known by God, and He had already made provisions for us to overcome such challenges, if only we can trust Him.

It is at this point that the Lord seems to have changed the subject for the Israelites. He began to talk to the Israelites about the diseases and plagues that He brought upon the Egyptians because of their affliction of the Hebrews.

God is very clear with the Hebrew people concerning the actions that they must take to prevent the same kind of diseases and plagues from visiting them. If they will be obedient to Him, He will heal them of disease and be their Jehovah Rapha. Hence obedience to His word is the litmus test of our healing, and if we do not want the diseases of Egypt to come to us. We can call this Divine Healing.

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Prerequisites of Divine healing

The bitter water at Marah was symbolic of what was taking place in the hearts of the Hebrews. They had suffered terribly in Egypt and had been more than happy to leave the bondage that Pharaoh had inflicted upon them.

However, when freedom was not as easy or pretty as they had hoped; when they had to rely on God completely for everything and circumstances were not what they desired, their hearts began to be filled with the diseases of bitterness and resentfulness. Really, the root of all sicknesses is from the heart. (Prov 4:23).

Even the Bible says that the spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity. (Prov 18:14). This is why our hearts must be kept with all diligence (Prov 4:23), by the Word of God, for out of it are the issues of life. God knew their need for healing from bitterness and He longed to bring that healing to them, through their diligent obedience to His Word. This is still the realm of faith with which God is dealing with us! Hallelujah!

He is Jehovah Rapha-the Lord who heals you — and He longs to heal us of resentfulness, bitterness, and pride if we will but trust Him and walk before Him in obedience. Let’s allow Him to examine our hearts and heal us of the diseases that sin inflicts upon us.

Healing is what I Am

In Exodus 15, God gives Himself a new name: Jehovah Rapha. Jehovah wasn’t a new name. Jehovah means “the Existing One” or “Lord” and suggests “to become known.” Rapha was the new part. Rapha means “to heal.” God let the Israelites know that he is the God who heals. What he actually said is stronger than that. It’s not so much, “I am the God who heals” as it is, “Healing is what I”

God heals and, at that moment, was a good thing because the Israelites needed healing. I believe the bitter taste in the water symbolized what was polluting the Israelites hearts. They were harboring bitterness that needed healing. Fortunately, God, who is healing, longed to heal them.

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It was good news back then, and it’s good news today. We’re more like the Israelites than we’d like to admit. We all have bitterness over things that have happened to us, and we all need healing.

We need to know this God named Jehovah Rapha who can heal anything for which we need healing.

Maybe you’re struggling with physical pain. God can heal that.

Maybe you’re struggling with emotional pain. God can heal that.

Maybe you’re struggling with relational pain. God can heal that.

Maybe you’re struggling with mental pain. God can heal that.


The name Jehovah-Rapha is a Name that speaks to us and our need today. We live in a stressful world and society. Every day new problems confront us and we bend under the load of seemingly unsolvable problems. How then can Jehovah-Rapha bring healing to a sick world?  Jesus Christ our Jehovah-Rapha and Great Physician said, Come unto Me all ye who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. (Matt 11:28). Give Him your heart today, and He will heal you inside out.

God bless you.


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