September 10, 2019

Expect a revolution from Great Nation Global Entertainment, says CEO Honorable Exkid

Expect a revolution from Great Nation Global Entertainment, says CEO Honorable Exkid

Great Nation Global Entertainment Limited, a new company in the Nigerian entertainment industry, will in a short time revolutionize the concept of total entertainment in Nigeria.

This was according to its founder and Chief Executive, Honorable Onuora Chibueze Paul, popularly known as Honorable Exkid.

Speaking with journalists at an occasion where he was sighted recently in Lagos, Honorable Exkid declared: “Grace Nation Entertainment Limited is centred around the discovery, development and promotion of musical and comedy artistes.”

While avowing that the company has a trusted track record of business excellence, Honorable Exkid further claimed that Grace Nation Global Entertainment Limited is “comprised of super-talented artistes and great music professionals” who are working “to take the world by storm.”

“We are experienced and we have the right team supporting the best talents,” he stated.

Asked about the ultimate objective of his record label, he responded thus: “Our goal is to provide the world at large with quality music and general entertainment through our talented artistes and experienced management.”

He continued: “With our wide variety of talented artists and music acts, we are confident that we will keep producing quality music that rocks on the African entertainment scene.”

He further emphasized that the company is not limited to music, but is also active in the comedy sector of the entertainment industry. Said he: “We explore the discovery and creation of comic art and concepts, and also nurture and groom comic talents for the comedy entertainment scene.”

According to him, Great Nation Global Entertainment Limited is working to create a comfortable and lucrative business environment for entertainment creatives.

“Our ultimate objective is to take entertainment to the next level whereby creative entertainment can comfortably focus on pursuing a career in the industry and at the end of the day will not blame themselves for choosing such career path,” Honorable Exkid said.