September 23, 2019

Emmanuel to Akwa-Ibomites: De-emphasize political affiliation, shun divisive tendencies

Emmanuel to AkwaIbomites: De-emphasize political affiliation, shun divisive tendencies

By Chioma Onuegbu, Uyo

Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom state has appealed to the citizens to de-emphasize political affiliation and to shun all divisive tendencies capable of destroying their unity and peaceful co-existence as a people.

Emmanuel to AkwaIbomites: De-emphasize political affiliation, shun divisive tendencies

Governor Emmanuel Udom, of Akwa Ibom state

Emmanuel who made the appeal yesterday in his broadcast speech to mark the 32nd anniversary of the state said that the achievements recorded by his administration especially the 18 industries that would create jobs for the youths and the attendant value chain, were not a PDP achievement, but an enduring Akwa Ibom story.
He maintained that Akwa Ibom story should be pan-Akwa Ibom in shape and definition, devoid of the colors of partisanship or rancorous impulses.
His words, “As we celebrate the 32nd years of our existence, l urge you, my brothers and sisters, to de-emphasize our political affiliations but boldly proclaim the Akwa Ibom story.
” When we celebrate what is ours, when we don’t describe our leaders in unsanitized fashion when we celebrate the Akwa Ibom identity, and what binds us as a people, our aspirations, our essence, our values, and our identity, we are telling the world that the Akwa Ibom spirit defies political labels
“The Flour Mills that was just commissioned by Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo a few days ago is for all Akwa Ibom people. The Plywood and Timber Factory that was equally commissioned by the Vice President, will not only be defined as a PDP achievement, neither will the Furniture industry that will benefit from this factory be used mainly by PDP members – it will be an Akwa Ibom success story.
“From investments in agriculture, to power sector such as the Ekim Sub-Station that was also commissioned by the Vice President which will ensure the realization of our dream of Power-For-All by December 2021, we are building solid infrastructure so that we can drive our industrialization agenda, create jobs and wealth for our people.
“This is not just a PDP achievement, it is an inspiring Akwa Ibom success story that we all should feel proud to identify with. When we are celebrated as we currently are, as the only State with a fully functional airline, it is not just a PDP achievement, it is an Akwa Ibom achievement”

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Governor Emmanuel explained that other zones in the country do not de-market their states or insult their leaders at random despite disagreement with their leaders, or government policies because they understand that doing so, they were essentially defining downwards the core and elemental values of their collective identity.
He noted that Akwa Ibom would be what the Founding Fathers envisioned and envisaged if the people rise together to defend their common values in the spirit of Dakkada philosophy.
“Nobody will respect your values when you don’t respect same; no one will respect what you stand for when you desecrate same; nobody will tell the Akwa Ibom story when you drape the contours of the State with mud and filth.
“On this occasion of our 32ndAnniversary, let us begin to respect our common values and even when we disagree with our leaders or among ourselves, such should be done with civility and mutual respect, knowing that what binds us together is more enduring than the temporary impulse of partisan politics.
“On my own part, I will, as I have said severally, continue to be your Servant-Leader. I will continue to lead this state with the fear of God and with the over-arching interest of our people, their growth, peaceful co-existence and development as the guiding principles.
“I will continue to do all that I can to cement the bond of our unity, knowing full well that, a house that is divided against itself cannot stand”, the governor stated.