By Juliet Ebirim

Del-York Creative Academy will have the honor of being hosted at one of the world’s largest landmark entertainment studios, Warner Bros. Studios. The two-day event organized and presented by the Business Resource Group [email protected] Bros. will take place in Burbank, California. Here, select students from the 2019 class of the Del-York Creative Academy and past alumni will experience and participate in workshops focused around the entertainment industry.

President/Founder of the Del-York Creative Academy, Mr. Linus Idahosa flanked by lecturers and staff of the academy.

Projects from DCA students will be screened on the lot, followed by a panel discussion featuring DCA, University of Southern California (USC), Warner Bros. and other partners from various studios. Also, DCA alumni and special guests will be taken on the full Warner Bros. Studio Tour experience, for a peek behind the curtain into the operations of one of the world’s largest and most successful studios.

The Del-York Creative Academy is a capacity-building institution for film, media, animation & technology. It is pioneering the growth of the African Creative Industry, through its intensive hands-on training programs while bridging the gap between creatives in the United States and Africa. In almost a decade of its existence, the academy has successfully flown in 85 lecturers from Hollywood to Africa and trained 1,800 students.

In the words of Mr. Linus Idahosa, the President and Founder of the Del-York Creative Academy;

“Jack Warner, the esteemed head of Warner Bros. for many years was once quoted as saying, “If I am right 51% of the time, I am ahead of the game.” I believe this visit will give voice to the potential that lies within Africa’s Creative economy. The knowledge exchanged here will also prove itself profitable in the years to come when Africa not only becomes the largest market for media consumers in the world but creates the largest and most effective outsourcing workforce on the globe”



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