September 10, 2019

BoT crisis: NIDOA-USA pulls out of Monago Leadership


…to operate independently with own Board of Directors

By Levinus Nwabughiogu

Nigerians in Diaspora Organizations, Americas (NIDOA), United States Chapter has announced its severance from the umbrella body of Board of Trustees (BoT) headed by Mr Obed Monago.


It stated that henceforth, the chapter would be run independently by its own Board of Directors.

NIDO, Americas is made up of three countries of the United States of America, USA, Canada and Brazil which operated within the continent.

The affairs of the body prior to now were run by a BoT which drew members across the three countries with headquarters in the USA.

But following an unresolved leadership crisis in the BoT that has apparently defiled all solutions for over a year now, Diaspora Nigerians in the US decided to stay on their own.

A statement signed and emailed to Vanguard in Abuja on Monday, the chairperson of NIDO, Americas – USA, Ms Patience Ndidi Key stated that stakeholders said their action follows “more than a year of unprecedented turmoil” and constitution of an illegal Board of Trustees by “certain power mongers within the organization.”

Key added that their decision was also supported by the bonafide members of NIDO Americas Board of Directors recognized by Nigeria’s Diplomatic Missions in the United States.

She said: “Following more than a year of unprecedented turmoil within the Nigerians in Diaspora Organizations, Americas (NIDOA), its national entity in the United States has opted to operate as an independent entity with immediate effect.

“The stakeholders also affirmed that NIDO Americas, USA has not conducted an election to usher in new Executive Board Members, advising the general public to disregard any “fake news” to that effect.

“It is regrettable that, rather than perform its core duties as spelt out in our by-laws, the BOT has, over time, constituted itself as a stumbling block to the progress of our organization.

“This development regardless, we are fully conscious of our responsibility as the home of 98% of chapters and membership of NIDO Americas.

“We will, therefore, continue to engage constructively with other NIDOA member countries in the Americas with a view to

fostering synergy and cooperation for the progress of Nigerians in the Americas and our beloved nation, Nigeria.”

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Giving the background of the leadership tussle which also had some masterminds within the Board of Directors in NIDO-USA, Key listed the “sins” of the BoT.

“NIDOA-USA Board has endured a year marked by strategic calculated efforts by a group of NIDOA-USA Directors dually serving as Trustees to provoke discord within the Board, discredit, and totally undermine, NIDOA-USA.

“With the benefit of hindsight, it is now obvious that the goal of this manufactured crisis is to promote a self-serving agenda completely at

variance with the visions and goals of NIDOA.

“The strategies employed by this Group include – Repeated fabricated and unsubstantiated allegations of financial impropriety against the NIDOA USA Executive by this Trustees bloc within NIDOA-USA.

“Constitution of a one-man Central Electoral Committee (CEC) without the input on NIDOA-USA and the subsequent formulation of a set of obnoxious electoral guidelines for

2019 National elections that subverted key provisions of the NIDOA bylaws.

“BOT use of a non-binding non-legal advisory opinion as a condition for participation in the election – all actions that usurped the Bylaw requirements, and prior established NIDOA standards, procedures and practices

“Unrestrained behaviour of some Trustees bloc Directors at NIDOA-USA meetings that included verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation, and total disrespect of fellow Directors

in contravention of the basic standards of conduct stipulated in Schedule B Section 3(b) and Schedule B Section 4(d) of the Bylaws (2015 edition).

“Repeated acts of sabotage such as the BOT Chairman personally contacting Board members individually and urging them not to attend the 2018 NIDOA-USA Summit.

“Deliberate lying and willful misrepresentation of NIDOA-USA Board meeting discussions and votes at the BOT meetings.

“Manipulation of the NIDCOM Board nomination process to deny NIDOA-USA its inherent right to representation as allowed by the NIDCOM Establishment Law, and

voted upon by the BOD Directors.

“Creation of an interim NIDOA-USA Board to operate parallel to the elected NIDOA-USA Board in violation of the Bylaws. This interim body was declared illegal and dissolved by the Nigerian Diplomatic Mission Houses headed by His Excellency Amb. Nsofor a retired Supreme Court Justice of Nigeria, at the April 13, 2019 meeting.

“Refusal of Obed Monago the BOT Chair to willingly sign the April 13, 2019 meeting Communique and continued sabotage of the letters and spirit of the Communique by his

clique, thereafter.

“NIDOA-USA Board Actions NIDOA-USA Board actions have included suspensions of these Board Directors/Trustees,

participation in the April 13, 2019 mediation effort and agreeing to the terms of the Communique, keeping the NIDOA General Assembly informed of the developments, repeatedly calling for adherence to the NIDOA Bylaws and due process, and the issuance of multiple resolutions including a resolution on July 30, 2019 stating that any elections involving the NIDOA USA Board must be predicated upon the Bylaws’ requirements (regarding dues remittances, verification of eligible chapters/voters and election committee composition) to be acceptable to the Board.

“The total disregard for the NIDOA Bylaws resulted in elections that were not binding on the NIDOA-USA Board and was boycotted by several Chapters that included Maryland, Chicago,

South Carolina, Florida etc.”