…raises the alarm over FG planned clampdown

By Dennis Agbo

MOVEMENT for the Actualization of the Sovereign state of Biafra, MASSOB, has said that the quest for restoration of a republic of Biafra has reached a point of no return, after two decades of agitation.

Members of the Movement for the Survival of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) 

It also alerted the world that the Federal government of Nigeria has planned clampdown on pro-Biafra activists over trumped up allegation of violence, which it denied it has ever engaged in.

The group which recalled that the agitation started with non-violent method said it shall continue to maintain the principle and would not resort to arms struggle despite provocations from Nigeria security agencies.

“We shall not succumb to the antics of our oppressors, because we respect the sanctity of human live, MASSOB shall maintain the principals of non violence and civil disobedience,” the group restated.

MASSOB leader, Comrade Uchemnna Madu in a statement, Thursday, said they believe that the state of Biafra can be actualized through non violent method since black Americans and India achieved their separate freedom through such tactics.

“We shall remain consistent, unshaken and resolute in all our approaches towards our freedom from Nigeria,” Madu said.

MASSOB condemned alleged moves by the Federal government of Nigeria to clampdown and annihilate the leading figures of pro-Biafra independence groups, stating that “the Biafra self determination struggle has reached the point of no return.”

They said that the consciousness and reality of Biafra has sunk very deep in the minds and thoughts of every Igbo person irrespective of his or her political, economical, social, religious and business affiliation or service with Nigeria.

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“MASSOB as the leading non violence pro Biafra independence group have never resorted to violence acts in the past or will ever indulge in any act of violence in the future. It is very erroneous and blackmailing to assume or ascribed an acts of violence, forceful seizure of petroleum tankers and terrorism to MASSOB.

“The federal government of Nigeria has alleged many blackmailing conducts like seizure of petrol tankers, killing of security agents and possession of firearms against MASSOB just to discredit us before the international community. Since 1999 till date, there is no evidence or proof of evidence by the federal government of Nigeria that MASSOB is an unlawful organization.

“MASSOB calls the international communities and Human Rights defenders to save and protect our members from the vicious onslaught, Nigeria government have planned to unleash on the non-violent and peaceful members of pro Biafra independence groups,” Madu alerted.


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