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They have been talking for the past five years but where are the results? It’s deception that we are practising in Nigeria. Are you satisfied with what is happening? Anybody who is not should joint the fight.


Buba Galadima
Buba Galadima

What exactly are you expecting the government to do that it is not doing?

I’m not expecting that anything good should come out of this government. Nigeria will continue to sink deeper and deeper under APC because they have no idea of how to run a modern government. And the people caused this by allowing the government to rig itself into office. So, we are paying for our cowardice.

I have ended banditry Within 59 days In office – Zamfara Governor(Opens in a new browser tab)

There is a government in power and anything done outside the constitution will create problems. The people are powerless for now.

Who told you the people are powerless. Didn’t you see what Boko Haram has done? We have been fighting Boko Haram and the military has said over and over again that it has defeated Boko Haram and yet, they took over two local governments in Borno recently. What is that telling you? We don’t have a responsible government.


Buhari didn’t want to hear about El-Zakzaky but the Shi’ítes forced him to release him and take him to India.

But El Zakzaky was re-arrested when he returned to Nigeria

But didn’t they go to India? You think the government was not arm-twisted by the protests of the Shi’ites before they allowed them to go? You think the voices of Nigerians that spoke were drowned? Why can’t we use the same voice to bring about good governance for all us.


What is it about El Zakzaky?

El Zakzaky didn’t do anything outside the law of this country. The law of Nigeria permits freedom of speech and freedom of worship. You can even choose not to believe in God but you are still a Nigerian. Why should anybody decide that El Zakzaky’s kind of religion is a bad one? Who are they? Are they God? Are they the judge? Who decides who is a better Muslim? Is it Buhari’s advisers or God?

Let me tell you something you don’t know about El Zakzaky. Buhari’s government is being used by external forces on world politics between Saudi Arabia and Iran. So, they collect money from Saudi Arabia to do what they want and those that Saudi Arabia does not like, the Shi’ites are being subjected to suffer because of Saudi Arabia. And now, tell me, if Iran and Saudi Arabia have issues politically or religiously, what business of Nigeria is it? Why should we take sides?


Do you think the issue of El-Zakzaky is over?

Let’s wait and see. They re-arrested his wife. So, let’s see what is going to happen.


What will be the recipe for peace?

We have to get rid of a bad government and put in another one through the ballot box. That is what we ought to have done. It is when Nigerian leaders know that they can be removed and replaced that they can do what Nigerians want. That is why I wanted Buhari removed through the ballot box.


He is still the choice of Nigerians

He’s still a choice? We proved beyond reasonable doubt in court that he didn’t get majority votes. Nigerians must stand up for this right and should not be intimidated because people are holding transient positions in government. Nigerians should speak up. If someone was arrested because he spoke up, will 200 million Nigerians be arrested for speaking up?

That will not be possible. Sowore and his group are just a handful of people that could easily be intimidated. But will they intimidate the whole Nigerians? That will not be possible.


Nigerians are dying for drugs overseas and being arrested for internet scam overseas…

All these are happening because we don’t have a responsible government, we don’t have a sensitive government. United States can go to war because of one of its citizens arrested, not even killed anywhere else. Why not Nigeria? But when these Nigerians are guilty, then, there is no protection for them. You do not protect a guilty man.

Nigerians will continue to suffer until we say enough is enough and elect genuine leadership that would solve our problems. Then, we will call it El dorado.

Why should Nigerians be afraid of one man that got into power through their own votes? If South Africans were cowards, wouldn’t Apartheid still be there? If Nigerians don’t fight for what is right, the world will only watch.

And now, it is the world speaking against Nigeria. America is denying Nigerians visa and increasing visa fees and we are keeping silent in the face of tyranny. Nigerians have to stand up and fight for themselves. We can’t just be confined to the comfort of our homes and offices and expect things to change. If the Shi’ítes didn’t demonstrate and didn’t lose lives, Buhari would not have released El Zakzakyfor treatment in India. So, nothing good comes easy. We have to work for it.


Must blood be shed for things to be good in Nigeria?

Everything that has a beginning must have an end including lives. We either die fighting or die on our beds when the time comes.


You talk tough as if nothing cows you, as if you are not afraid?

Afraid of what? That I will die? I’ve been lucky severally. And death I know is a necessary end and I tell you, nobody and nothing can cow me. We must speak up against injustice. Not only me but all of us or we keep suffering for our silence.


After the presidential elections, you allegedly wanted to announce the results and then, you disappeared. Where were you and what happened then?

Didn’t I go to the tribunal to talk? I did. You shouldn’t be starting this all over. It’s subjudiced. I have spoken before the tribunal and I have just told you that going by the votes, PDP defeated Buhari hands down. We defeated him even in Northern Nigeria and he knows it.


It is believed you have something against Buhari

I have nothing personal against Buhari. In fact, I supported him more than any other person. I supported Buhari through 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015 election cycles. I only switched on to supporting AtikuAbubakar in 2019 because of injustice in Buhari’s administration, lack of inclusiveness and failure of the administration to secure Nigeria. You should know that I fought all the previous governments since 1999 because of injustice.

We made good promises to Nigerians, including justice, inclusiveness and to secure the country which he has failed to do. It has always being part of my characteristics to fight injustice.


But Buhari knows how to use power; that was why he muscled out PDP in 2019

PDP didn’t win elections in 2015. It lost in 2015, just as Buhari lost in 2019 but has retained power. But Jonathan is a good man. He lost the election and quietly left but the other lost and forced himself on the people. So, that is left for the judiciary to do what is right because the judiciary is on trial. Everybody is looking at the judiciary and everybody knows Buhari lost the elections. What are they going to tell us? That Buhari won the elections technically? We are waiting for the judiciary and the world is waiting too.“

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