By Gabriel Olawale

LAGOS—Association of Industrial Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria, AISSON has expressed concern over the level of insecurity in Nigeria even as they called for change in country security architecture.

Speaking during the association quarterly meeting in Lagos, AISSON President, Dr. Ona Ekhomu said that the insecurity was unabated because the system was over burdened and people take chances of committing crime with intention that they will not be cut.

“The level of insecurity in Nigeria is very high, there is fear in the land, we witness daily incidents of kidnappings, killings among others. Recently, we heard news of about 50 people been killed. In some countries, if such happened, the whole country will stop, take  stock and mourn. But here in Nigeria is a common thing and nobody cares, we see it as one of those things and move on.

“We need to change security architecture of this country and our orientation. We need to understand as a person and government that if one citizen is attacked, killed or kidnapped, is a failure already. Government need to know that effectiveness is judged by what you prevent and not by what you detect.

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“Our system is set up in such a way that it facilitates impunity and encourage people to take chances with intention that they will not be cut. So people take irrational decision because the system is over burdened. Police is ready to work but they don’t have enough resources, no enough capability, we need to question the kind of training and welfare they get,” he said.

Ekhomu also urged Nigerians to be security conscious and ensure that their homes, streets or estates are safe, saying “if we work in that manner, we can survive the challenges. We can’t leave everything to government because we have a situation whereby the threat is too many, the attacks are too many and giving an impression that government is not doing anything.”

On her part, the keynote speaker, Managing Director, Trans-World Security Systems Limited, Mrs. Victoria Ekhomu called on government to partner private security in addressing security issues.

According to her, “whatever you are doing in the area of security, you must first carry out risk assessment. In doing so, you must identify your asset, know your core business, and look at how you can protect them.

“Threat that can negatively affect the asset, what is the probability that the threat you identified will materialize. To do that you need to look at historical perspective, what has happened before, threat pattern, what happens to other neighbour.”



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