The police in Kaduna in central Nigeria have uncovered a bungalow harbouring no fewer than 300 children, chained on the legs and starving.


Some of the children are between the age of five and ten, TVC News has reported.

The big surprise was that the children are manacled, possibly to ensure that they do not escape.

Police and soldiers outside the nondescript house in Kaduna where the children were found

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Police officials speak with one of the men running the house of horror

According to the report, the people manning the house of horror claim it’s an Islamic rehabilitation centre.

The detained children said they were forced to fast, and that they were being sexually abused.

The police suspected that the children may be undergoing some form of indoctrination.

All the children have been moved, the report said.

TVC did not state whether the minders of the abused and starving children have been arrested.



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