By: Victoria Ojeme

The Venezuelan Ambassador and staff of its embassy in Abuja  has joined the global solidarity protest against U.S economic blockade by President Donald Trump.

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The protest was in line with Venezuelan’s President, Nicolas Maduro’s call for global support following Trump’s announcement of total U.S economic blockade of Venezuela.

The protest was held at the Unity Fountain, Abuja with staff of the embassy, labour and solidarity groups in attendance.

Venezuela’s Ambassador to Nigeria, David Caraballo, in an address, said that the #NoMoreTrump solidarity protest aims at drawing the attention of the United Nations to the illegal executive order of Trump.

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Caraballo described the U.S economic blockade of Venezuela as an attack on democracy, violation of Venezuela’s sovereignty independence, human rights of Venezuelans, international law and Multi-literalism.

“We together take the decision to stand here in Abuja and other places for this International Solidarity Campaign of signing the support letter of Nicolas Maduro to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres.

“Last week, we were a victim of a new attack of the Trump’s administration against economy, the sovereignty, independence of Venezuela with the new executive order which imposes total financial and economic blockade of Venezuela.

“Cuba has more than 60 years of the economic blockade from the United States and every year, the United Nations approves resolution against this blockage and now it is against Venezuela.

In the past, the U.S has taken similar actions against Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan; the United States imperialism has an historic position to impose conditions on any country with an independent position.

“The new action from the United States government is promoting the humanitarian crisis with all these sanctions.

“It is one crime against the human rights of Venezuelan people; it is a crime against all the international laws against multilateralism and democracy.

No country has the capacity to impose these mechanics of economic policy on another country,” he said.

Caraballo added that the Government of Venezuela would not allow the biased escalation of aggression to affect the process of democracy and independence of the country and its people.



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