By Rotimi Agbana

Since the emergence of Afro-pop music in Nigeria and what is today known as ‘a new school generation of musicians’, the popularity of rap music has declined in no small measure.

Among established rap musicians who have lamented this development is popular rapper, Joakin Ikazoboh a.k.a Loose Kaynon, who in a chat with Showtime noted that sustaining rap music in Nigeria shouldn’t be as difficult as it has been.

“Rap music is the sound of hip hop as a culture and hip hop culture is intertwined in our everyday lives. So sustaining rap music shouldn’t be as difficult as it’s been so far.

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We need more platforms dedicated purely to rap, we need to intentionally build up our hip hop community and then service that community as we gradually grow it. That way we leave a thriving system for the next generation of young rappers to plug into”, he said.

Speaking on why he is not as visible as other established Nigerian rap artistes, he said; “That can be attributed to my sporadic release of projects but more importantly I have always been more interested in building the platforms that hip hop can thrive on rather than just being about myself.

And as such I started the first hip hop platform in Nigeria called wax lyrical early in my career and gave a stage and platform every week to upcoming as well as established hip hop acts and also created a home for hip hop lovers to come and watch the artform they enjoy.

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Same journey I’m embarking on again with 100 crowns which is the first and only purely hip hop label in Nigeria and probably Africa. It’s more fulfilling to work behind the scenes to build systems that can help hip hop thrive. I still rap but I can always do that. That helps just me and what I’m trying build is bigger than me.”



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