August 15, 2019

New revolution in transportation Skyway brings string rail transportation to Nigeria


NIGERIA is about to witness a kind of revolution in the transport sector as Skyway technology and string transport company is set to introduce its mode of transportation in the country.


Ambassador Kristiaan Van Den Vyver, Head Organisation and Communication Department of Skyway Capital who was in Nigeria recently to meet some prospective partners said that Nigeria is on the radar of Skyway company as a start-up for Africa.

The Skyway technology was invented by Anatoli Yunitski, a Russian scientist and inventor, the auto of over 200 scientific papers, 18 monographs and more than 150 investors in the sphere of construction, transport, machine-building, electronics and chemical industries.

Speaking to Vanguard at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, Ambassador Kristiaan Van Den Vyer, Head Organisation and Communication Department, Skyway Capital said the company’s goal is to position Nigeria as the start-up for Africa for Skyway string transportation.

He disclosed that the project would create over 10,000 jobs in Nigeria within two years of take-off while pointing out that the string rail transportation has been very successful in Belarus while construction works are going on in Sharjah, Dubai.

Mr. Kristiaan further explained that Nigeria is losing so much due to the heavy traffic and pressure on land transport which results in huge damage to its roads.

According to him, transportation should be a solution to problems, and not their source, hence he is recommending the Skyway system provides passengers and cargo transportation in a separate space – on the second level above the ground.

He said that for the fact that Skyway vehicles move above the ground on specially designed rail-string overpass guarantees a number of advantages.

Some of which include: optimised aerodynamics, increased speed, unprecedented safety, rational use of land and resources, minimised environmental damage caused by transport. Also, the cost of construction and operation is significantly lowered, compared to the existing transport solutions.

Ambassador Kristiaan explained that they are in Nigeria to seek for the right partners to set up the new transportation model which is string rail.

He said that their aim is to start a small project of a few kilometres and later increase it to cover many states in Nigeria. But for now, he said that they are looking for partners with experience in construction.

The highly economical string transportation mode according to him can travel from Lagos to Abuja in less than 50 minutes at a speed of 500km/h which means that it is faster than aeroplanes.

He warned that from the way Nigeria is handling its transportation problem, the traffic situation in Nigeria will be terrific in the next five years.

“If you continue without changing the way the traffic problem is being handled, vehicles will be stocked on the road in the next five years,” he said.

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Pointing out that Skyway has the permanent solution to Nigeria’s traffic problem, Kristiaan said  “I am 1000 per cent sure that we have the solution to Nigeria’s transport problem. We will spare your road by building the rail on the second level which will be accident-free,” he stated.

“Continuing he said, “when you drive Skyway range of products, you create energy (power supply) as Skyway is the answer to a new solution to new transport in the world.

“To build the system, you don’t need to break the roads. We are a solution to the energy, transportation and pollution in the world.”

He disclosed 140,000 people died in Nigeria as a result of pollution while one million people had a problem as a result of pollution, but added that string rail is pollution-free.

The string rail can be built anywhere including on the sea, land and good can be taken from the port and dropped at the point where they are needed, using the string transportation.

“We can build a rail of one of 10 kilometres in the sea, this would eliminate the inconvenience and the problems at the seaports and take the pressure off the road too,” he said.

Other benefits of string rail transport include cheap transport, power creation, people move on next level and not land and the ability to transport 70,000 people in one hour with air-conditioning, TV internet facilities in the cabin.

The Skyway string cabins come in different configurations including unibike, unibus etc which can take as much as two to 50 passengers at a time. The bus is mounted on a string rail of about 5 meters to 100 metres.