…promises to rededicate self to service of state and people

By Gabriel Olawale

Prince John Mayaki, one of Nigeria’s foremost media professionals, has penned an emotional appreciation message to well-wishers who took to the internet and several other mediums to celebrate the anniversary of his birth yesterday, Thursday, 28th of August.

John Mayaki who is widely acclaimed for his many feats in academics and journalism, especially his mastery of digital communications and advocacy, received warm messages from all spheres of life, including high offices and political leaders such as the Honorable Minister of State, Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Agba, Former Deputy Governor of Edo State and Chairman of NDDS, Dr. Pius Odubu, amongst other eminent persons.

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Unanimously, they all attested to John Mayaki’s professionalism, moral integrity and ethics, competence and character.

In Mayaki’s personally signed message, he expressed his surprise at the volume of the wishes which made him the number one trending topic on Twitter Nigeria for several hours.

“I have never in my life exercised any form of doubt in the regards of love people have for me. I have always believed that by the works of my hand, I have entered endearment with the hearts of many. But not until yesterday where my belief was belittled, I was taught that even my own understanding and weighing of myself, is not entirely up to date.

The wishes, show of love and regards that poured in yesterday from across the globe surpassed all my imagination. So great was it that I saw myself as the number one trending topic on popular microblogging social network, Twitter, for several hours receiving adulations and praises from people, both known and unknown, young and old, Nigerians and non-Nigerians,” he said.

“I will attempt to appreciate all of you individually but I am aware that by the limited nature of man’s mind, I must unwittingly omit one or two names. However, my sincerest gratitude goes out to each and everyone who reached out in love and good wishes for me yesterday. I wish you all, in equal and great measures, the fulfillment of your own heart desires.”

He also thanked the leadership of Edo People’s Movement, a popular sociopolitical movement, for their celebration of him and the media team who held a party for him in absentia.

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“To the leadership of the Edo People’s Movement and my comrades in the collective struggle to reclaim our home state, Edo, from the hands of those who seek to strangle her to death in a chokehold of corruption, incompetence, and tyranny, I’m grateful for how you celebrated me. This, once again, reaffirmed by beliefs that though the struggle has made us all tough, at the core, we have retained our capacity for love and brotherhood.

The media team of the Edo People’s Movement, a group of selfless individuals who have volunteered to sacrifice personal comfort for the collective good of the state, I thank you for the party you organized for me in Benin city in absentia. Even though the internet made it possible for me to catch a glimpse, I spent a good part of yesterday longing to be amongst you all and join in the celebration. Thank you,” he said.

Mayaki says he has nothing to give back but a solemn promise to rededicate himself to service of the state and the people.

John Mayaki began his journalism career in the print media but quickly morphed into one of Nigeria’s most influential media professionals with his artistry, rare writing skill and quick adoption of digital communications which he is now widely regarded as an expert of.

He recently announced his progression to Oxford University, one of the best institutions in the world, where he has been offered admission following his acquisition of a Master’s degree in Communication, Culture, and Media at Coventry University, United Kingdom.


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