Juliet Ibrahim

By Rotimi Agbana

Hardly would delectable actress, Juliet Ibrahim, strike anyone as a lady who has had to battle with a lot of personal issues because of her drop dead beauty which is capable of making any man drool with lust. But surprisingly, the pretty screen diva has not had it easy with the hard knocks of life.

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Juliet Ibrahim

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While recounting her experience with love, low self esteem, surviving three civil wars among other issues, the actress who has made a  name for herself on the big screens, revealed how it took her a long time to realize how beautiful she is.

“The decision to love someone is a personal choice, but if your family or the people close to you have that gut feeling about your partner and you are too in love to see it, pause. They are rarely ever wrong. When I dismantled the walls around me brick by brick and began to breathe more freely, I realized a lot of things. Life is really not so difficult.

“You live your life to the best of your ability, doing everything within your power and means to stay happy and fulfilled. People – friends and family – will hurt you, they will betray your trust, but you owe it to your mind to forgive them and let go of any negative feelings.

“You will hurt other people along the way. You must apologize and mean it when you realize it. You must not waive or shrug it off. It is the little things that hurt the most. You owe it to yourself to chase and pursue your dreams.

“You try, again and again, until you get what you want. You are your own happily-ever-after. Yes, you are beautiful, awesome and complete the way you are. It took me a really long time to understand this; that I had to love and find contentment in myself, my family, my beautiful baby and the work I do.

“There is a lot I look forward to in my life, my career and business. There are bigger hurdles to scale through and I am prepared and looking forward to all of it. But mostly, I am grateful for how far I have come, from the little girl who survived three civil wars, to being the Juliet Ibrahim.”



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