August 12, 2019

INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY: GWC tasks youths on productivity

INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY: GWC tasks youths on productivity


Global Wissen Consult has called on youths to embrace the opportunities presented by digital marketing so as to become productive.

The firm said this yesterday in Lagos at a seminar convened to sharpen and improve the financial skills of youths in digital marketing, acquiring and usage of Crypto currencies using block chains.

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Global Wissen Consult, is an organisation that aims at improving social and economic skills of people, outside of the usuall formal classroom school education in Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, themed; ‘To the Moon’, Convener and CEO, Global Wissen Consult, Nwokeji Oscar said;

“We are promoting other skills that youths could pick up aside from what is taught in the formal education. There are many doctors, but few working hospitals in Nigeria, so, are other professions, then, we saw the need to go ahead of normal school curriculum, by teaching them these new skills in a classroom setting they are already used to, rather online. We teach programming, Newtworking, Block Chains, Trading, and many others’

On the topic of Block chaining, he said; “it is the space of the future, whether anyone likes it or not, though the acceptance is slow in Nigeria, but, it will definitely come through”

“That is why we organised this seminar for youths to prepare them ahead, and begin to invest in this future. It is an open space for the Nigerian youths to jump on, so we are showing them how, and revealing to them all the crypto currency, which are international coins”

“At this point, it is the youths who will go and learn and study properly, and equip themselves. They are the people who are going to be employed to manage those things. So the youths need to have proper education in order to enjoy this opportunities and more”

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Other speakers at the event were; Founder, BitFxt, Peters Franklin, CEO, Naira Coin, Shekoni Oladimeji, and CEO, Crypto TV, Tony Emeka.

Franklin Peters who spoke on the relevance of block chain in day to day activities, and its use in solving problems, said;

‘‘We are pushing for the right solution to society’s problems through Block chain, so that people will know the good in it. The block chain is transparent, it is open for anybody to see, it is fast, it is secure. Through Block chain we can build platforms like market solutions, which means we will be able to afford services and pay for it online without physical cash. When I send money to you, I can track it down to know where it gets to. That is, you can’t receive your money and claim you didn’t see it”

“It will help us better build and save archives forever. For instance, we can sign and bind contracts on the Block Chain, and in hundred years, our children will be able to see the date and time in which the contract was signed, and they can see what the contracts was all about, this also means, that, in some years from now, they wouldn’t be need for papers”

“Being a new Eco system, there are several opportunities Block chains can give. In over 10 years, banks have sacked thousands of people, because, the internet can now perform the things better than people, for instance, computers can count money accurately than humans, so, the banks see it as no use in keeping people that their relevance will not be noticed.

“Also, now we have ATMs, so, we don’t have to queue in banks. Just like the ways people were told to go and learn how to use the computer so that they will be able to overshadow those that don’t, that’s the same way people need to understand and learn the solutions it offers.

“I call on companies and people who are renovatives, to come up with solution to the block chain, because the more solutions we have, the more work force will be needed in that aspect.

On his part, Tony Emeka said; “Blockchain could help in Agriculture. It could help farmers know the time a particular crop is ready, and also let the consumers to know the particular place he could get a particular produce”

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“With the block chain, we can be able to track monies given to politicians to carry out projects, and ensure that those monies are used for their purposes”

The Founder, Naira Coin Shekoni Oladimeji   finally, buttressed on the reliability of Block Chain as transparent immortal, and accountable in the business process.

“It will change the way we do business, because legal contracts will be documented online. It will also change the way we save our money. Money will be saved on our phone, instead of going to financial institutions.

And it will change the way we interact and the way businesses are done especially government projects.  It will change from Government Health care, Customs and anything that has to do with supply chain” He said.