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I quit my job to save my husband — Lord of Ajasa’s wife

By Benjamin Njoku

Popular Yoruba rapper, Olusegun Osaniyi, a.k.a Lord of Ajasa, has been down with peptic ulcer disease since early this year. He was due to undergo a surgical operation few months back, but owing to his terrible weight loss and strength, the doctors at LUTH decided to put the operation on hold. However, in the midst of his protracted illness, his lovely wife of 10 years, Oluwafunmilayo, nicknamed ‘Olori Lord of Ajasa’, has proved to the world that she’s inseparable from her husband. In fact, since Lord of Ajasa’s health condition worsened, Oluwafunmilayo has never been herself. First, she had to quit her job in order to properly attend to her husband and she has never given up the battle to save him from dying. In this touching encounter, she speaks about the bond she shares with her husband, and why she cannot abandon him in his trying times.

Managing husband’s illness

God has been my strength ever since he was diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease. On the 31st of May, he had an appointment with his surgeons at LUTH, to determine when he would be operated upon. He was supposed to have gone for the operation in April but due to his loss of weight, the doctors declined to carry out the operation. They wanted him to regain weight and strength before an operation could be carried out on him without complications.

Standing by him

Love conquers everything and it has to be by the grace of God to stand by him. I quit my job for about three months now to stay with him. We visited about six hospitals before we finally settled for LUTH. When you say you love someone, love should be ‘for better for worse’. But we are praying that we should not see the worse. As a woman, a child of God and his wife, I think I should be able to stay with him in his trying times. God has been my strength.

How I met him

I met him two years after I completed my secondary education. We had been friends for quite some time before we got married on the 21st of March 2009. We have been married for ten years now. Our union is blessed with two boys.

Envisaged that he would be down someday?

Since I met him, he had never received an injection. Whenever he was down, I usually provided him with his favourite malaria drug, which is very cheap, Amala. More than 15 years since I have known my husband, he had never been down to the point of receiving an injection. So, I was so surprised that he could be sick for this long.

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Married him because of fame?

He was not even popular when I met him. He was the one that approached me and said that he would like to marry me. At first, I rejected his proposal saying “I can never marry a musician.” But he didn’t give up as he kept visiting me and taking care of my needs. At that stage, I said ‘okay let me give him a chance’. That’s how we began the journey.

My fears

Following all the things we have been hearing about musicians and their marriages. I didn’t want to be a victim. That is why I rejected his initial proposal. But if you have never come closer to him before, you wouldn’t know that he’s a musician. At home, he never behaves like one. I will score him 99 percent when it comes to taking care of his wife and children.

Our hope

Our hope is in the Lord, and I’m sure He’s going to do the best for us. I know that this time will not last. It’s just for a moment. My husband deserves more than what is before us. But who are we to question God? I know this time will never be forever.

My feelings 

I have never felt like giving up at all. Even at the hospital when he started asking me to bring pen and paper to write down all his past works, I told him capital ‘No’ that he wouldn’t give up neither would I give up too.

Some women would have given up, but I can’t speak for them. I can speak for myself. You know, most men don’t take care of their wives and children. And in a situation like sickness, that’s when you see the care of a woman. Assuming he was not nice to me, I wouldn’t have stayed back. But he has never for one day neglected me. I will be with him until death do us part.

Being a music star’s wife

As a wife of a musician, one has to be tolerant and avoid being jealous because of the fact that your husband is in the eyes of the public. You shouldn’t be meddling in his affairs all the time, whether he’s posing for shots with his female fans or not. Yes, as a woman, you will feel bad. But if you want the best for your husband, you keep praying for him.


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