By J.K. Akinola. (Senior Pastor)


TEXT:   EXOD 17:8-16


We give thanks to God that Jesus Christ has already been shown forth to us as our Banner in the last episode. We were made more than conquerors through His precious Blood. His “banner over” us (Song 2:4) symbolizes His presence, His power and His provision.

J.K. Akinola. (Senior Pastor)


“Only fear the LORD & serve Him in truth with all your heart, for consider what great things He has done for you.” (1 Sam 12:24).

What do we learn of warfare?

Staff of God ~ His “banner over” us (Song 2:4) symbolizes His presence, His power and His provision. Even as He provided food and water, so also He gives us victory in spiritual warfare. When confronted with “Amalekites” don’t depend on your zeal or ingenuity to defeat them but on your Rallying Point, Jehovah Nissi

Who are the “Amalekites” in your life?

Enemies of God’s people

1) Flesh – Gal.5:16, Mt.26:41

2) World –Jn.16:33, Gal.6:14

3) Devil – 1Pe 5:8; 9; 10, He 2:14, 15, 1Jn 3:8, 9, 10;


But for the busy young executives among us, Amalek in the Bible is a type of our fleshly nature. You know the one… that which you have problems with on a daily basis! So God was teaching Moses, the Israelites, and us about this battle that we are in. The battle belongs to the Lord. It doesn’t come down to our strength or great numbers. It comes down to His response to our praise and surrender (pictured in Moses raising his hands to heaven).

So at the end of a long day for Moses, with arms that were no doubt very heavy, he wanted to praise and acknowledge the amazing victory that Yahweh had given the Israelites and so he built an altar. “Moses built an altar and called it The LORD is my Banner (Yahweh Nissi). (vs 16) He said, “For hands were lifted up to the throne of the LORD. The LORD will be at war against the Amalekites from generation to generation.”

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In this great promise of God, He beckons all of the heavens to shout for joy and all of the earth to burst into song! Why? Because He is going to lift up a banner (Nissi) to the people. There will be a rallying point of great victory! But Who is ‘my banner’? Who is the Nissi of the Lord? That’s right answer JESUS! Himself, present on earth when he returns, will become the banner and rallying point for the whole world. Isaiah 11:1-10 speaks of the kingdom that the Messiah Jesus will setup and reign over at His return. Did you see that last verse? This root of Jesse (who was King David’s father) will be a banner (Nissi) for the peoples and the nations will rally to Him!


On the contemporary level, it was during a battle that Moses and the Israelites found that their Lord was Yahweh Nissi, their Victor and their Rallying Point. Finding God as Jehovah Nissi always requires a battle, for we only learn such things when pressed and desperate. It requires a conflict that causes us to cry out and learn of Him who is our Victor.

Our Christian walk begins with such a battle for we must experience Christ as we see our great need of Salvation and humbly come before the cross of Christ and look at Him, the sinless Saviour lifted up and taking the bite of sin on our behalf. This is our initial rally point and victory. But the only growth in the Christian life is growth in Him. That is, growing and experiencing more of the One who is our Victory (whether the opposition comes from without or within). Each day there is a need to come back to our rallying point and that banner that we rally to is the person of Jesus Christ – Hallelujah!

We also look forward with GREAT hope and expectation to the day when all of the world will join us in rally to this banner that God will place over the whole earth. Maranatha – Come Lord Jesus!

May you continue to grow and learn more about Yahweh Nissi – Your banner, your victory! God bless you as we look forward to the next Redemptive Name of God in the next episode.



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