By Chimaobi Nwaiwu Nnewi

The presiding Bishop, Newday College of Bishops, worldwide, Rt.Rev. Innocent Ochei has advised President Mohammad Buhari to desist from acting as the Minister of Petroleum and President of Nigeria at the same time.

President Buhari

Bishop Ochei also ask President Buhari to act like a true leader who is in charged by allocating the offices to the ministerial designates, without further delay, as Nigerians have had enough of his delay in appointing Ministers.

He said that “dropping the Petroleum Ministerial position attached to his office has become very imperative as it send a very wrong signal that no Nigerian except him is capable and competent to handle the position, just as it makes mockery of his position as the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Speaking during the consecration of Bishop Jude Obadile Ifechukwu, at Rock of God Healing Ministry, Bishop Ochei said there was no need for delay in appointing Ministers months after the President was declared winner of the election.

“I have seen some presidents who released the list of their cabinet members within two weeks they took over as presidents. Unfortunately, what you and I see in Nigeria is totally a different thing all together.

“President Buhari’s delay in appointing his kitchen cabinet was not a good omen, and he must desist from acting as the Minister of Petroleum and President of Nigeria at the same time, is mockery and belittling of his office as the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

He also frowned at a situation some Nigerian priests make mockery of themselves over illicit affairs with ladies and DC women, saying the cases of alleged sexual harassment and rape, leveled against priest or pastors of churches is becoming embarrassing to the church of God.

“Many Pastors have been accused of one sexual harassment issue or the other, some may be truth while some are lies, but whether true or false, men of God must refrain from sexually harassing and raping members, such acts drags their name and that if the church to the mud”

“So many men of God have women issues, but what I want to tell them now is, if you think you have ‘ministry of women’ that you cannot do without sex, you can resign as a Pastor and then go fully into ‘women ministry’.

“Women are every where, some of these men that cannot do without women should go for them, they are available and allow serious men of God into church services.”

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Also speaking, Rt Rev. Ossy Michael while preachibg the sermon during the Consecration service called on Christians all over the world to have fear of God in them, pointing out that anybody who does not fear God is not a Christian.

He prayed for unity of Nigeria, Anambra and Delta State his home State respectively.

In his speech, the newly consecrated Bishop Rt Rev. Ifechukwu who was visibly happy, said he was convinced that his call was from God,  and thanked him for making him a Bishop, just as he thanked God for numerous blessings.



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