By Luminous Jannamike

ABUJA – No fewer than 17 Nigerians out of 9,000 drugs and dietary supplement sellers across Africa have emerged the latest winners of exotic cars in the BF SUMA distributors’ reward scheme.

BF SUMA, a US-based pharmaceutical giant, manufactures and sells therapeutic medicines in 20 countries around the world.

Speaking at the company’s 11th anniversary and award ceremony in Abuja, President of BF SUMA, Justin Jia, said: “Motivation is the key thing for giving out the cars. We are not a company that encourages people to lie on the bed and earn money, we respect hardworking people. All the distributors you see winning the cars are hardworking people.”

One of the car winners, Mr Ajisefini Ibukun, who said he quit a salaried job five years ago to take up network marketing of therapeutic medicines and supplements, revealed he currently earns an average of N10 million each month as a top distributor in Africa.

“Right now, getting to this level changes my way of thinking to see how I can use the platform to support my country and join hands with any government in power to eradicate poverty,” he said.

Asides the 17 Nigerian awardees, 16 other car winners emerged from several African countries.

The other awardees were from Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They were flown into Abuja for the ceremony.

According to Dr. Kawuma Mutumba, a car winner from Uganda, “The salary you have cannot even handle basic expenses. At the end of the day, you are in deficit. If you’ve been in debt for 10 years, what can you achieve? You cannot even buy a car or a plot of land. Networking is a blank cheque, you have the ability to change your earning.”


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