August 7, 2019

BAYELSA GUBER : Shun politics of division, calumny Jonathan tells stakeholders


Goodluck Jonathan

Former President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has called on political aspirants to play by the rules and avoid politics of calumny and division amongst themselves as Bayelsa prepares for the governorship elections in November.

Speaking at Yenagoa on Tuesday during Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) elders advisory council meeting , Dr Jonathan said that deliberations and dialogues are essential in ensuring a peaceful and healthy polity.

According to Jonathan : “When people continue to meet and discuss issues openly it brings unity. Many of the rumours you hear will filter away. But when people are far apart; when they don’t talk that is when all kinds of rumour will enter in between and create all kinds of divisions among people.”

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Dr Jonathan advised all stakeholders, and all the 21 governorship aspirants of the PDP to work together in order to ensure that the party emerges victorious in the forthcoming poll, urging them to desist from politics of calumny.

The Former President also admonished PDP supporters not to be discouraged by the outcome of some of the results of last general elections stressing that PDP is still a dominant party in Bayelsa State.

“In the last general election, we lost some positions in the State, but that shouldn’t discourage us. If you do our analysis,you will understand that that the PDP didn’t lose because of lack of popularity but because of some minor issues within our party . PDP is
still the dominant party here but we can not underrate the opposition.”

Jonathan also stated that unity amongst aspirants is what will aid the party’s victory, stressing that elections rigging is enhanced when the electorates are not united.

“It is only our unity that can give us victory but if we are not united, of course, they can do anything and get away with it.Take for example what happened in Rivers State during the last election but for the unity of the people they would have snatched away the Party’s victory. Jonathan said.