August 1, 2019

2021 declared Int’l yr for elimination of child labour

2021 declared Int’l yr for elimination of child labour

By Victor Ahiuma- Young

THE United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has unanimously adopted a resolution declaring 2021 as the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, and has asked the International Labour Organization to take the lead in its implementation.

The resolution highlights the member States’ commitments “to take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, end modern slavery and human trafficking and secure the prohibition and elimination of the worst forms of child labour, including recruitment and use of child soldiers, and by 2025 end child labour in all its forms.”

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The UNGA acknowledged the importance of the  ILO’s Minimum Age Convention, 1973 (No. 138)    and the  Convention on the Worst Forms of Child Labour, 1999 (No. 182)    – which is close to universal ratification by the ILO’s 187 member States – as well as the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

It also recognized the importance of “revitalized global partnerships to ensure the implementation of the  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development  , including the implementation of the goals and targets related to the elimination of child labour.”

Argentina took a lead role in advocating for this global commitment, as a follow up to the  IV Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour  , which took place in Buenos Aires in November 2017. Seventy-eight countries co-sponsored the resolution.