July 13, 2019

You can only be raped once – Olabisi Olajumoke

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Rape, has become the most trending topic in the cyberspace since the story of Busola Dakolo and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo became public knowledge. But the most contending issue in the whole saga is the question whether a woman, not under captivity, can be raped 3 times by the same man at different occasions. Many have lent their voices and Nollywood actress, Olabisi Olajumoke has joined the conversation.

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According to her, a woman can only be raped once if the circumstances are not beyond her control.

Hear her : “You can only be raped once, anything aside that means you’re enjoying it. Only pedophiles raped they’re victims multiple times because of the fear they’ve created in them and yes a rapist can rape their victim 3 times if they live in the same house and the fear of speaking out can make the ugly situation reoccur. Aside this I don’t think you even want to set your eyes on someone who raped you ever again”

While admitting that she has never been a victim of rape she revealed what she would do if such situation should arise.

“People who are close to me knows I don’t take things like that lightly. I will make sure I bring the rapist to book. I’m a very easy way going babe, I love my space so much and I get quick reaction to bullshit. I get pissed easily, especially when I notice people are trying to play a fast one on me” she said.

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Speaking further in a chat with Potpourri she explained what a victim should do in an event of rape

“Most times a woman is helpless but for me I will die there .Report to police and speak out. Yes, some people will make mockery out of it but stand your ground. Get justice.”

Olabisi Olajumoke came into the industry through her uncle, Dapo Ojo, CEO of Seven Series and the producer of Emerald. He gave her a shot in Emerald Season 2 and the rest is history. She has since stamped her foot on the terrain, featuring in productions like Emerald,Shelters Nest,Hashtag 40million,Aramide Agbofinro,Tinsel, My Career , Imule Aje, Paa’da, Leemah, Casino, Sugar Story, Tousled, Super Story and many more. She’s a divorcee.