July 2, 2019

Semicolon partners Henley Business School to eradicate unemployment

By Juliet Umeh

Technology training institute and innovation hub, Semicolon in partnership with an international institute, Henley Business School, have launched an initiative, targeted at equipping young talented Nigerians with the necessary skills to drive innovation.


The launch was themed: Linking the Technology and Innovation through Education, in building the workforce of the future.

The partners believe that technology has the power to transform industries and the lives of Nigerians.

Chief Executive Officer of Semicolon, Mr. Sam Immanuel, said the mission of the initiative is to catalyse innovation in Nigeria by equipping the talented youth of Nigeria with skills required in the fast-changing world of work that continues to embrace digital strategies.

He said that the target is to make Nigeria home to a talented thriving technology community that leads the world in innovation.

Immanuel said: “Nigeria is blessed with a large population, a large portion of that population is young people and 57 percent of the adults are between the ages of 18 and 35. Unfortunately, about 60 percent of that population is either unemployed or underemployed.

“We are on a journey to eradicate unemployment by driving inclusive and profitable growth.

We are doing this by empowering a generation of techpreneruers that will solve problems faced by Nigeria-and the world.

Also, Vice-Dean Africa, Henley Business School, Mr. Jean-Pierre Choulet said the school was inspired   by the sheer dynamism and creativity seen in Nigeria and decided to see what more the institute could do to bring it’s applied teaching approach to the country.

He said: “Our new partnership with Semicolon is a perfect match with Henley providing the management expertise and Semicolon the digital innovation.

According to the partners, both of them have a track record of supporting entrepreneurship.

They added that one of their projects will be creation of an innovation catalyst, an agile and modern framework that will allow them to ensure amazing ideas are detected, supported and maintained after launch.