July 19, 2019

Request for Fulani vigilante, an agenda to islamise Nigeria – Pastor Okafor

Pastor Christian Okafor

By Evelyn Usman and Yinka Olatona

The request by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria to establish Fulani vigilance team in the South East has received knocks from the General Overseer of   Greater Liberation City Church,  GLC  Ojodu ,Lagos , Pastor Chris Okafor, who described it as agenda to islamise the country.

Pastor Christian Okafor

But the Federal Government had described news of the alleged planned move to islamise the country as false.

Pastor Okafor, in an interview to mark the end of a three-day church programme titled, ‘Two nights with the King’ , called on  governors in the South East not to approve establishment of the Fulani vigilante  in their states, stressing that  the move had a clandestine undertone of  alleged islamisation agenda.

He said, ” The proposed plan  is demonic and satanic. It is an agenda to islamize the people. One day, herdsmen will just take over a community and install an Emir but it will not stand and it will not work in the name of Jesus.

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“I have said it over and over again that it is a ploy to infiltrate the people and to take over the country, but  it will not work.

We have our people, we know our terrain better, you cannot guide my house more  than I do. If we truly need more hands to secure our land, then, State Police should be the answer, as being clamoured.

“How can you get a herdsman who is not part of your community, who does not believe in what you believe, to come and secure you? It shows they are up to something. We are no kids , we know their plans and  we will resist and reject it”.

He therefore, called on the need for Nigerians to pray and defend their territory “because the way it is going and the way they are throwing it to the faces of the people is a serious affront and if we keep quiet ,we  don’t know  what they will do next .We are saying this because of the interest of our children .Some of us have lived more than half of our years on earth  but we see danger ,we see our children becoming slaves and this, we must resist” .

Already, he said, a test run was being carried out in Kaduna state . “ If it works, other states will follow. The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, went to court over the move in Kaduna  and it was overturned.

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“These people have been seriously empowered, and if you proscribed some set of people who have never killed or have not  recorded violence like the Indigenous People of Biafra ( IPOB), and you allow a group to carry arms ,kidnap people and rape women,  then, something is  wrong.

“There is rumour making the  round of a move to  give   herdsmen   N100 billion to float a radio station. Nigeria is a circular nation and not an Islamic nation” He stated.

He blamed the problems in Nigeria on what he described as disunity about Christian leaders.

He said, ” The problem of Christianity is that we are not united .Many are busy building their own empires , forgetting that they are shepherds commissioned to guide the flocks. Most of us are interested in making money and do not care about the suffering masses. Let us unite  and  fight the  common enemies of Nigeria”.

Earlier, a guest preacher from Ghana ,  Bishop William Duncan , charged Christian leaders  to follow the steps of Jesus Christ , by going out to look for  lost sheep, adding that  they should desist from preaching against tithes.

He said, “The issue of tithe has been settled  in the old and new testaments. There is no argument about it .Those who are arguing about where to pay their tithes ,should read their Bible very well”