July 22, 2019

Ogulagha dismisses as untrue Iduwini youths alleged claim over SPDC Forcados Terminal



WARRI:  Ogulagha kingdom Youth council, has dismissed as untrue alleged claim by Delta Iduwini Youths laying claim to ownership of the SPDC Forcados terminal, insisting that the terminal is in Ogulagha kingdom.

A statement signed by the President of Ogulagha Kingdom Youth Council, Comrade Timiadi Akuna, the secretary, Comrade Miyenkiriya Dose – Secretary, Public relations officer, Comrade Moses Agbobulagha  and the Chairman, IYC Ogulagha kingdom chapter , Comrade Ekpos Okunwanzei  also enjoined the state government and leaders of Iduwini to call  youths of the area to order, adding that they should be cautioned against making statements that could inflame crisis.


The statement reads in part: “Our attention has been drawn to a statement by some persons under the aegis of “Delta Iduwini Youths” where the authors laid claim to the ownership of the SPDC Forcados Terminal and threatened the fragile peace that exists between both kingdoms.

In their exact words; “Iduwini Kingdom is the Rightful owner of FORCADOS TERMINAL, we are going to make the Governor understand that, enough is enough of this intimidation given to our Kingdom. This time around the Government will cry bitterly as they are oppressing us of our Right”.

It is not in our character to reply to every statement we see in the media space but since the one in question lay claim to our land as well as have security implications capable of brewing tension between the Ogulagha kingdom and Iduwini kingdom communities on one hand and the Ogulagha Community and security agencies, on the other hand, it is pertinent that we make our position known.

We wish to enjoin the general public especially the Delta state government to brush aside the unfounded claim of the Iduwini Delta Youths as Ogulagha is the sole host of the SPDC Forcados Terminal.

It is a fact that no single Iduwini Delta community is an oil-producing community but are classified as impacted communities in the records of SPDC and the DESOPADEC Act, and that is their very true position till date.

We also wish to draw the attention of security agencies and the government to the following extract from their statement;

“this time around the Government will cry bitterly as they are oppressing us of our Right”.

The above statement is of grave security implications especially as it threatens our peaceful coexistence and the safety of the oil installations in our kingdom. This is so because the said persons are capable of making good their threat to make the State Government cry.

While we enjoin the group to withdraw their statement with immediate effect; we are calling on security agencies to invite the signatories of the said statement to explain what their real intentions may be.

We want to echo it again that our interest is to continue to build on the existing peace with our neighboring communities with whom we have had fragile coexistence until now.


It is on that note that we are calling on the Iduwini Delta and Diebri people who have missed out on the appointments into the DESOPADEC management board not to throw caution into the wind while agitating for their acclaimed rights; we hereby call on His Excellency the Governor of Delta State to consider other avenues to pacify them such as appointing their wards into the Government of the day.


That they called for the reversal of the appointment of our ward who was appointed as an Executive Director or any other Ijaw man that was appointed into the DESOPADEC is a move to further divide the Ijaw kingdoms of Delta State. They are at liberty to demand for a place in the government of the day but their rights do not extend to demanding for the reversal of the appointment of an officer appointed based on the merits of the facts put before the government by the Ogulagha people.


In conclusion, we are calling on the Delta State Government, the Burutu Local Government Executive Council, well-meaning leaders and individuals especially of the Iduwini Delta enclave to call the Iduwini Delta Youths to order and guide them to make statements that are only objective in the pursuit of their acclaimed entitlements and desist completely from laying claim to what is not theirs; threatening the fragile peace that exist between us in the process. “,