July 19, 2019

New Energy 360 Africa technology targets oil & gas optimisation

New Energy 360 Africa technology targets oil & gas optimisation

By Moses Nosike

Energy360 Africa, a data analytics and technology solutions company pioneering technologies for the downstream oil and gas sector, recently unveiled a portfolio of innovative fuel management systems that helps small, medium and large businesses optimise fuel consumption thereby boosting revenue and maximizing profit.

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According to management source, part of the offerings unveiled include station manager, an innovative cloud-based software designed to optimize fuel station operations, margins and as well ensure proper controls on the forecourt. “E360 Station Manager was designed to centralize data across multiple fuel stations, allowing for greater insights into stock levels, pump activity, pricing, margin management, historic sales trends, expenses and customer behaviours. The second element in the offering is the e360 Volex, which offers businesses flexibility and improved controls over fuel management through access to real-time data from fuel points. An additional feature of e360 Volex is that it features a secure payment integration to allow businesses to receive payments seamlessly.

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The third component is the station analytics which caters for businesses that run multiple stations, delivers real-time data from their network of stations at any time and location. With this data businesses are equipped to handle big data; sales, stock, payments and other operational information which are aggregated to provide holistic and granular visibility of their stations, thus enabling more accurate decisions on the go.

Speaking on new technology, CEO, Energy 360 Africa, Abayomi Elebute, said that live demonstrations of e360 Volex are available before deployment to familiarise users with users.

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He added that technology came up to support the oil and gas downstream sector to improve controls around fuelling and reduce losses by at least 60 per cent.

Elebute said, “we are helping to boost the revenue of fuel businesses through fleet and customer loyalty programs to support your customers and eradicate price change fraud and competitor pricing analysis. The service offering of Energy 360 Africa to oil and gas companies will in the long term help them checkmate losses through cutting edge reconciliation and fraud analysis.