By Tolulope Abereoje

Nigerian dance queen, Kafayat Shafau, popularly known as Kaffy, and singer, Lamboginny have both lent their voices on the trending controversial dance step, Soapy, which was recently introduced and popularized by Nigerian singer, Naira Marley.

Dancer Kaffy

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The dance step, which is done by imitating the act of masturbation, was demonstrated in a video posted by Naira Marley on his Instagram page last week and has since received widespread criticism on social media.

The talented Guinness World Record holder is of the opinion that the dance style should be banned for its disgusting and immoral nature which she said is not censored from kids.

“I am sorry; I can’t take this. In the history of Nigerian dance, I have never seen a more disgusting, immoral dance like the so-called Soapy. It should never be encouraged. I am really disappointed. As dancers we should speak for what is right. We shouldn’t encourage this for the sake of trending especially when it is not even censored from kids. It is even offensive to an adult,” she said.

On his own, Lamboginny expressed his disappointment in Naira Marley, who he expected to be in the fore front, leading the advocacy for the thousands of inmates awaiting trial in prison for years but instead he introduced a dance style that denotes the act of masturbation after his release. “The prison condition in Nigeria is a very sensitive and painful situation for thousands of inmates. If after visiting the prison all you have to talk about is masturbation dance, I will consider it mockery on the thousands of inmates who are in pain,” he said.


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