celebrates anniversary

By Chioma Obinna

No fewer than 2,559 live babies have been achieved   by the Bridge Clinic through Assisted Reproductive Technology, ART, between 1999 and  May 2019.

Briefing journalists shortly after a tour of its facilities as part of activities to mark its 20 years anniversary in Lagos, the  fertility clinic also maintained that though Nigeria was yet to have a strict regulation on Invitro Fertilization, IVF, it has continued to maintain international standards in addressing infertility concerns of Nigerian couples and other clients.

IVF: Ivf babies

A Consultant Gynaecologist with the Bridge Clinic, Dr Ogunirron Babatunde who tok journalists through some of its procedures explained that infertility challenges were not restricted to Nigeria but a global problem.

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“A lot of factors are responsible for infertility. We have clients not only from Nigeria; people come in from the US and Canada, London and all parts of the world.  We have discovered that about 30 percent of cases of infertility are actually due to male factor, 30 percent is from female factor, and another 30 percent is male and female combined while 5 to 10 percent is actually due to unexplained infertility.

Reeling out milestones achieved by the Bridge Clinic in the last 20 years, Babatunde who recounted a long list of success stories said apart  from delivering over live 2,550 babies through IVF, they were the first to acheive pregnancy through Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, ICSI, in this part of the world or West Africa.

“Bridge Clinic was actually the first clinic to have a successful live pregnancy and live birth from egg reservation.”

He further disclosed that although IVF success rate has improved worldwide, to about 35 per cent which means three out of 10 women can get pregnant through IVF, the story has changed over time at the centre, as it has achieved 40 to 52 per cent success rate.

“Our secret is that we stand for ethics, honesty, innovative and openness. These are our core values. We always bring up a lot of standard operating procedures which also helps us in our practice to achieve live pregnancy and live birth.”

He further disclosed that the centre has expanded its services to general healthcare services and is currently constructing a multi-specialist clinic in Victoria Island area of Lagos. To also maintain standards, he said the centre usually send his staff abroad for training on the latest invention in fertility treatment in order to improve outcomes in Nigeria.

He advised couples seeking to have children to live a healthy life by staying away from dangerous lifestyles including, intake of alcohol, smoking, exposure to radiation and exercise regularly.




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