By Vera Sam Anyagafu

Nigerian women, under the aegis, Mothers of the Nations, Nigeria Chapter, have decried what they described as the rise in insecurity in the country due to porous borders, urging the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to address the ugly trend before it metamorphoses to anarchy.

File photo: A cross section of Women during a programme

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President of the group, Bishop Priscilla Onyemaechi Otuya, together with other Nigerian women, said the country is being infiltrated by foreigners because the borders are porous. They also condemned the recent and incessant killings of innocent Nigerians by herders.

They made the statement while briefing journalists during a conference in Lagos on Friday 19, 2019, with the theme, “Peace and Development: Plight of Women and Children in Crisis Situation.”

Bishop Otuya, who spoke on behalf of the mothers of the nations, said there is no better time than now for the government to get into action and tame the ugly trend. She said that if the government fails to nip the trend in the bud, that threats to security in the country may further become gory.

According to her, campaign for total eradication of criminal activities and unwarranted killings in Nigeria can never be over emphasized.

Otuya said the organization, as women of faith, has been moved to speak categorically for the majority of voiceless women and their children in the country, saying that, irrespective of tribe, Nigerians should refuse to be subjected to surviving under abject poverty in a land of plenty.

Bemoaning the various levels of insecurity, criminality, and killings in the country, she noted that the time is now for the voices of women to be heard, stressing the need for the Church to come up with developmental programmes to gainfully engage the youth.

Otuya also appealed to Muslims to prove to the world that Christians and Muslims in the country love one another, by speaking out against those who are shedding innocent blood in the name of religion, adding that, no one can fight for God, hence, the need for peace loving, hard working and law abiding Nigerians

“Sadly”,  she went on, “It has become very scary to travel to any part of the country, due to fear of being attacked, kidnapped or even killed, To make matters worse, the Fulani herdsmen go about with sophisticated guns, while ordinary Nigerian has no right to carry arms, living him or her at the mercy of Fulani herdsmen.”

She further stated that the government has not only been encouraging RUGA with a view to create ranches for Fulani herdsmen across the country, but also talking of giving strangers freedom and license to operate as they like in a nation that does not originally belong to them.

This, she echoed, is a practice that is inconsistent with a nation that wants peace, saying, “Such decisions are not found in any developed nation and not a move any serious nation would want make.”

However, while calling on President Buhari and other Nigeria leaders, including  Faith Based Organisations to join hands in the process of upholding the rights and privileges of citizenry, she warns that it’s detrimental to make themselves lords over the people.

“Give listening ears to the cries of Nigerians. The blood of those killed is crying. The hungry and homeless are also crying. And I warn leaders to avert the impending danger of uncontrollable chaos by making sure that the rights and privileges of the poor are upheld,

“It is no longer news that women and children suffer the most in crisis situations. What is news is that the unfolding situations in Nigeria can no longer be ignored as we wake up every morning with stories of gory events staring at us in the face with no one being sure of tomorrow anymore, Bishop Otuya lamented, adding, “Shall we continue in false hope that our fears will just disappear? All women should rise up like Deborah in the Bible to save Nigeria, our country.”


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