…As Sign Fracture Care treats out to 240,000 globally

By Tolulope Oke

The Managing Director of Igbobi Orthopedic Hospital, Dr. Mutapha Alimi, has said that the institution is collaborating with advanced institutions through staff training and bringing the institutions to Nigeria to share technical expertise.

Chief Medical Director of Igbobi Orthopedic Hospital, Dr. Mutapha Alimi, and team of surgeons from SIGN Fracture Care International, US, who attended the recent Advanced Limb Deformity Conference titled: Trained the Trainers Course, held in Lagos

Alimi, who said this in Lagos at the Advanced Limb Deformity Conference titled: Trained the Trainers Course, held at the institution, said plans have been concluded to bring international experts to teach their personnel more about limb deformity.

His words:”This speciality that is coming up now,which is Limb Deformity has some advantages:it gives new life to children who have k leg,born- le etc and it pro videa sebe dal ways better  success than we used to achieve.We are collaborating with advanced institutions that are doing what we want to do.there are two ways we the collaboration: we support our personal to go there learn and come back,that is not expensive,another way is bringing those people here have advantage because they we use our own tools and do what we want the to do;more of our people will be trained.

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“The is we are happy of having the programme here in Nigeria.We are still going to have more programme. We had one walker this yr,and we are still going to be having one by July and we are going to bring international resourceful to show us things that we need to know.And they are going to use our own tools. That will increase the capacity of our services. We have a very long stamping rel relationship with Song Network.before the programme we have sent some of our personal to the US and they are doing better.Our patients and doctor are happy because of the good services they are receiving from our doctors.if they were to go there their Air tucker only will take care of the service here in Nigeria.so why wont they appreciate it.Sign Network even subsidize they material and gave us emblance for our patients.”

The event was attended by some foreign experts on limb deformity from SIGN Fracture Care International, US.

They include Dr Richard Gellman, Dr Ken Thomas and Dr Raymond Liu.

Also speaking, Dr. Gellman said the focus of the 20-year-old centre is is to help treat  human internal feature internationally.

He said:”We have reached out to 240,000 people world wide;fifteen African countries and fifty hospitals.Our focus in African nations is to train African Surgeons of technics and fracture management and deform correction.

“Nigerian Surgeons are very still and receptive to technics of training on correction of deformity;we will tell you that Nigerian Surgeons are wonderful amongst other African Surgeon that we have trained.East-Africa, Nigeria is far ahead around all nation that is why we have decided to use here as our training center.”

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