July 19, 2019

Early intervention, best remedy for Autism – Ndolo

Early intervention, best remedy for Autism – Ndolo

By Dennis Agbo


BEHAVIOUR expert, Mrs. Chinze Ndolo has described early intervention as the best remedy to help children with Autism so that their cases will not escalate. Ndolo who is a specialist in Autistic matters said this in Enugu at a one-day awareness program on children with autism.

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Ndolo said that her group was an applied behavior consultant firm that work with educational institutions and parents who have children with autism between the ages of three to twenty two

She said that her firm evaluates the children to find out their area of deficiency and thereafter design individualized education programme before training the teachers and parents on how to implement those programmes. She added that the firm would finally do a follow up to make sure that the programmes are being implemented as they had in mind.

“What we are doing is autism awareness, we need to evaluate children with autism. Autism is a neurological development disability as well as a spectrum disability but we found out that some people do not have an idea of what autism is all about, so I decided that the first thing should come first and I embarked on doing autism awareness

“When I say developmental, it is present and noticeable before age three and when I say neurological, it originates in the brain which means that the brain is functionally different.

“When I say spectrum disorder it ranges from very high to very low functioning and how it affects each individual, so if you met one person with autism, you have just met one person with autism, most of them do not look or behave alike.

“There are certain characteristics that one can find in them, if you find the number of those characteristics in a child’s behavior then it is right to suspect autism and go about confirming it.

“Autism usually affects communication, social, skills and response to the environment so when I am talking about communication many parents first notice that either their child is not talking or not talking well or their child started talking but lost the speech.