Victor Femi-Fred, Managing Consultant of Ventra Consult, a fast-growing business consultancy business on sales and leadership, has spent almost all his youthful life selling ideas to marketers.

A Certified Sales Learning Consultant, Facilitator, speaker and author, Femi-Fred gets excited at telling marketers what to do to sell their products.

He describes himself as a performance-oriented professional with success in Consulting, developing and influencing leaders to become more client-success oriented and goal focused. He tells Hi-Tech that his Ventra consults uses globally accepted consultative approaches to get businesses understand that competition is not negative but positive to their businesses because it helps decode growth challenges.

Femi Fred
Femi Fred

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By Prince Osuagwu

You wrote a book, contemporary Smart selling?

Yes. It was all in an attempt to prove that there is no impossibility in selling your ideas, products or even your country as far as the objective is genuine and geared towards return on investment.

The book is an eye opener and a bible to all leaders and market executives across the world

Did the book trigger your establishment of Ventra Consults?

Not necessarily. Both are ideas from my over 30 years experience in the field of sales, marketing consultancy and motivational leadership counselling. They are like Siamese twins and complement each other.

For instance, Ventra Consults, leverages on our strength on expertise from various sales and industry learning concepts and practical approach to ensuring success.

Ventra engages with you towards meeting your set objectives through customized designed learning and development programs. Our expertise is engineered to provide a return on investment (ROI) from learning and development programs investments. Our processes are tailored to meet your set objectives with culminating testimonials.

We deliver our training program aligned with your desired goals, vision and objectives based on the scope of the requirements with a long term view.

Why do businesses need consultants like yours?

Not only businesses, even, government also needs consultants to focus on right policies.

But to answer your question, do you know that most times, the things businesses run away from are practically the things they need to grow?. The difference is knowledge and what you do with it. That is why a business should not run blindly. For instance, the word every business hates is competition. But a good consultant will tell you that there is the need for more competition to help businesses identify challenges impeding the achievements of their goals and objectives. It directs them to the external views of the analysis of their business process and brings them back to focus on their areas of core competencies.

Why do a country like Nigeria need consultancy when ministries and parastatals are in place?

Nigeria over the years have demonstrated the need to compete with the global market using local contents and thus the need to skill up local resources towards improving  competitive advantage on the global landscape. These skills need a SWOT analysis channeled to the appropriate areas. You can hardly get the accurate SWOT analysis from people who ab ignition may have been more politically motivated. You need an independent mind.

Ventra Consult with a team of SME(s) from across disciplines have been trained to deliver such services, having well over 70 years of hands-on experience, collectively on issues of business, leadership and governance among others.

Consultancy in a growing tech world, how do you marry the mix?

Yea, I like that word, marry the mix because that is what we are exactly doing and how the general economy should be tailored. There is hardly anything you do today without technology. No result you want to achieve without data analysis depending on algorithms provided by Artificial Intelligence. That also brings us to the title of my book, Contemporary Smart Selling.

Today, any business conceptualized outside the smart options provided by technology, is as well, dead on arrival. Ventra Consult’s objective since inception has been client-centric, further confirming the importance of efficient service backed up by technology.

If you take a closer look at our foreign counterparts, the difference has always been in the time it takes them to carry out an operation. But today, those technologies available to them are also available to us. So the margin has been erased.

  How can a business measure success after you have applied solutions to its problems?

Our job is to do the internal dirty work of clients, cleaning and straightening their problems to allow them more efficient focus on their primary businesses.

Ventra Consult provides a professional perspective on how to solve the problems our clients are facing which they probably didn’t know how best to fix. We make sure what they’re thinking is correct and if not, we correct the thinking.

If they have been challenged by the problems for a long time and our ideas and solutions provide a safety net they’ve been looking for, they become instantly happy

Whats your assessment of Nigeria’s technology space in the face of growing new tech solutions?

Nigeria is doing great. Being the hub of start-ups in Africa will give you the idea of how far we have grown technologically and the level of innovation from here that are circulating the world. Ideas rule the world, they say and that is what makes Nigeria thick at the moment – ideas!

There is no problem in this country today that can not be solved with local idea, expertise and innovation. It’s just that the government should get it acts right by recognizing and patronizing local consultants, innovators and inventors



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