July 10, 2019

Chi’s Frooty Hour is committed to innovation — Marketing Director

By Princewill Ekwujuru

The Marketing Di-rector of Chi Limited, manufacturers of Frooty Happy Hour, Mr. Probal Bhattacharya, has said that the brand is committed to being the leader in innovation and affordability in the fruit beverage space.

Bhattacharya in a statement said the brand’s commitment to the market is responsible for the positive report it is getting from the market.

According to him, “this is as a result of the brand’s resonation with consumers desirous of a healthy and refreshing fruit drink.

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The Marketing Director stated further: “The positive feedback from consumers is a validation of the brand’s avowed commitment to being the leader in innovation and price strategy in the fruit beverage space.

He added that at an affordable price, the brand is the most affordable value for money offering for a healthy refreshment drink in the market.

“We are driven relentlessly by a desire to refresh the Nigerian consumer in a way that resonates with their evolving lifestyle of healthy living and quest for great tasting refreshment. Frooty Happy Hour by Chivita is a result of such quest, and we are pleased that consumers love it,” he said.

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He went on to say: “Frooty Happy Hour by Chivita comes in preferred fruity variant of Red Berries and ideal for frequent shots of great tasting refreshment throughout the day. It is very affordable and its 100ml size ensures that I can take several packs along with me to the office to ensure optimal value addition in terms of quality refreshment from my beverage,” he added.