By Nwafor Sunday

With the alleged killing of the abducted ‘Christian’ Dapchi school girl, Leah Sharibu, that pushed many Nigerians into mood disorder yesterday, the former social media aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri, Thursday went into investigation to verify the authenticity of the story.

Pastor Reno Omokri

The story after his investigation turned negative, as two journalists whom he (Reno) believes have access to the Boko Haram faction that kidnapped Leah, conspicuously told him that Leah is alive.

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Recall that an international charity group, Thursday declared that six of its aid workers who were kidnapped in Borno State, Nigeria, last week have appeared in a video, renewing fresh concerns for safety of Leah Sharibu and Alice Loksha, a UNICEF worker. The group, Action Against Hunger, said the six aid workers, comprising of one staff member, plus drivers and health workers employed locally, were “apparently in a good condition of health.”

In the alleged video, a woman who was surrounded by five men, believed to be her colleagues pleaded with the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, the federal government and the international community to assist in their release to avoid what happened to earlier aid workers, including Alice and Leah Sharibu.

In view of this, the outspoken Reno went into investigation to unravel the truth. “I’ve been informed by two journalists with access to Boko Haram that the faction claiming Leah is dead is not the one that abducted and holds her. I‘m told Leah is ALIVE. I put aside my differences with General Muhammadu Buhari and vow not to oppose him going forward if he‘ll free Leah”, he said via tweeter.

It would be recalled that Buhari had on October 3, 2018, called Leah’s mother on phone and promised to bring back Leah and other abductees.

Reiterating his commitment towards the release of Leah and other abducted Dapchi secondary school girls, Presidency through the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu opined that “The Presidency has been briefed by the responsible government agency about the disturbing video showing our citizens, the humanitarian aid workers held captive.

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“ Presidency has been given assurances that contact is being made and the captors are being talked to. “Besides these aid workers, there are some others about whom this engagement is about-Leah Sharibu, a religious leader and all the others.

Leah Sharibu and President Buhari

“These discussions have been ongoing even before this time and what this latest incident has done is to bring urgency to the efforts that the secret service is making. “Government is making contacts, in the hope that the captors will see reason to not visit hardship or even harm on these innocent individuals. Government is working.”

See list of the missing Dapchi students below:

GOVERNMENT GIRLS’ SCIENCE AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE (GGSTC) DAPCHI SUMMARY OF COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF MISSING STUDENTS S/NO YEAR GROUP TOTAL NUMBER OF MISSING STUDENTS 1 JSS 1 08 2 JSS2 17 3 JSS3 12 4 SS1 40 5 SS2 19 6 SS3 14 Total 110 S/NO NAME OF STUDENTS AGE CLASS 1 Aisha Abdullahi 12 years JSS1 2 Fati Muhammed 11 years JSS1 3 Fatima Modu Aisami 12 years JSS1 4 Fatima Abdullahi Ali 12 years JSS1 5 Salamatu Garba 13 years JSS1 6 Adama Garba 12 years JSS1 7 Hadiza Ali 11 years JSS1 8 Aisha Adamu Alkali 11 years JSS1 9 Hadiza Muhammed Musa 14 years JSS2 10 Fatima Usman 14 years JSS2 11 Rabi Yahaya Tela 13 years JSS2 12 Zainab Usman 14 years JSS2 13 Fanna Muhammad 13 years JSS2 14 Zainab Mohammed Bama 13 years JSS2 15 Fatima Yahaya 13 years JSS2 16 Amina Yahaya 13 years JSS2 17 Maryam Aliyu Mabu 14 years JSS2 18 Fatima Ishaku Aliyu 13 years JSS 2 19 Habiba Nuhu Dan-Inuwa 14 years JSS2 20 Zainab Bukar Abba 14 years JSS2 21 Fatsuma Ali 14 years JSS2 22 Salamatu Isiyaku 14 years JSS2 23 Hauwa Bulama 14 years JSS2 24 Rabi A. Nasir 14 years JSS2 25 Khadija Sule 13 years JSS2 26 Aisha Muhammad Aminami 14 years JSS3 27 Aisha A. Maina 14 years JSS3 28 Fatima Bashir 14 years JSS3 29 Fatima Muhammad 14 years JSS3 30 Fatima Aji Hassan 15 years JSS3 31 Hadiza Sale 14 years JSS3 32 Khadija Suleiman 15 years JSS3 33 Walida Adamu 15 years JSS3 34 Maimuna A. Hassan 14 years JSS3 35 Maryam Ibrahim 14 years JSS3 36 Zainab Abubakar Yakubu 13 years JSS3 37 Amina Haruna 15 years JSS3 38 Falmata Wakil 15 years SS1A 39 Maimuna Musa 16 years SS1A 40 Sahura Jibrin Muhammad 15 years SS1A 41 Fatima Bukar 16 years SS1A 42 Hajara Yahaya Tela 15 years SS1A 43 Hajara Ali 16 years SS1A 44 Maryam Adamu Muhammad 14 years SS1A 45 Fatsuma Muhammad 15 years SS1A 46 Hauwa Salisu 14 years SS1A 47 Amina Adamu 16 years SS1B 48 Zara Musa 16 years SS1B 49 Aisha Abba Aji 16 years SS1B 50 Fatima Alhaji Ari 15 years SS1B 51 Aisha Alhaji Deri Dokta 16 years SS1B 52 Maryam Usman Sale 15 years SS1B 53 Hassana Gambo 15 years SS1B 54 Hauwa Usman 16 years SS1B 55 Hajara Muhammad Gidado 16 years SS1B 56 Zara Muhammed Lawan 15 years SS1C 57 Khadija Grema Dabuwa 15 years SS1C 58 Aisha M. Wakil 15 years SS1C 59 Amina Abubakar 16 years SS1D 60 Fatima Modu Abubakar 15 years SS1D 61 Fatima Ibrahim 16 years SS1D 62 Zara Grema Dabuwa 15 years SS1D 63 Maryam Adam Kontoma 15 years SS1D 64 Falmata Wakil 16 years SS1D 65 Maimuna Umar Alhassan 15 years SS1E 66 Hajara Adamu Abubakar 15 years SS1E 67 Aisha Modu Bamba 16 years SS1F 68 Bintu Yerima 16 years SS1F 69 Zara Grema 16 years SS1F 70 Fatima Adamu 16 years SS1F 71 Fatsuma Abubakar Jambo 16 years SS1F 72 Maryam Mustapha 15 years SS1F 73 Fatsuma Abdullahi 15 years SS1F 74 Aisha Usman 15 years SS1F 75 Fatsuma Ibrahim Isa 16 years SS1F 76 Fatima Hassan Mustapha 16 years SS1F 77 Leah Sharibu 16 years SS1F 78 Maryam Bashir 17 years SS2A 79 Maryam Muhammed 17 years SS2A 80 Maryam Ibrahim Adam 16 years SS2A 81 Hauwa Manuga Lawan 16 years SS2A 82 Hauwa Saidu Abubakar 17 years SS2B 83 Falmata Alhaji Inuwa 16 years SS2C 84 Zara Muhammed 17 years SS2C 85 Fatima Muhammed 16 years SS2C 86 Maryam Usman 16 years SS2C 87 Aisha B. Danjuma 18 years SS2C 88 Aisha Mamuda 16 years SS2D 89 Zara Tijjani 16 years SS2D 90 Aisha A. Adamu 16 years SS2E 91 Fatsuma Sani 17 years SS2E 92 Fatima Usman 17 years SS2E 93 Amina Abdullahi 18 years SS2F 94 Aisha Kachalla 16 years SS2F 95 Maryam Kalwuri 17 years SS2F 96 Bintu Usman 17 years SS2F 97 Fatima A. Grah 18 years SS3C 98 Habiba Musa 18 years SS3C 99 Hajara Karumi 18 years SS3C 100 Karima Inusa 18 years SS3C 101 Falmata A. Audu 18 years SS3C 102 Hafsat A. Grah 18 years SS3D 103 Fatima Makinta Liman 19 years SS3D 104 Aisha Muhammad Jakusko 18 years SS3D 105 Hadiza Muhammed 18 years SS3D 106 Hauwa Mohammed Idris 18 years SS3E 107 Aisha M. Bukar 18 years SS3E 108 Hadiza Abubakar 18 years SS3F 109 Fanna Muhammed Modu 17 years SS3F 110 Maryam Muhammed 18 year SS3F.



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