By Tolulope Abereoje

As much as celebrities do all they can to get things going for themselves, maintain a good relationship and steer clear of controversies, there are times they get overwhelmed by rumours, and speculations.

Moses Akerele

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Nollywood actor and MTV Shuga star, Moses Akerele revealed in a chat with E-Daily that being controversy free is sacrosanct to one’s career and overall well being as a human.

“For me, being controversy free is very important to one’s acting career. Not like it’s guaranteed to stay clear off controversies especially in this part of the world because regardless, people want to mind your business for you and almost everything you do, people will read about it so long you are in the limelight, the tiniest thing that’s regular is different when it comes to actors and celebrities generally. But there is that effort that one can personally put in to stay controversy free and it’s beautiful when it’s like that, especially when we sort of feed the general public with information on way or the other,” he said.

Continuing, he added: “I know they say no publicity is “bad” publicity and although we are all different people and we thrive differently, I’d rather a clean slate, it gives rest of mind. I can’t up every time trying to say my own sides of stories or defend myself to people. I am first human before anything and I don’t want to be robbed of that peace just because of limelight or career.

Over time though, many people have learned to use whatever happens in their favor which is nice, but it could also come with a lot of pressure too and not everyone knows how to handle it well, some people move on feigning strength day after day. While some people can survive it, it kills some others deep inside.”

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