By Ayo Onikoyi

The journey to stardom has begun in the Big Brother Naija House Season 4 themed “Pepper Dem”  and it will run all the way for the next 3 months. After auditions at different locations across the country, 21 housemates made it into the house, looking to clinch the 60  million naira cash prize.BBNaija Season 4

A week after the show started, two of the 21 housemates have been evicted already, with many more set to go until the finale. Who wins this Season 4 is a guess as good as gold as all the housemates look like they could go all the way. No one ever thought Avala or Isilomo would have been the first duo to leave. But Big Brother does things in the most unusual ways. Before the next hammer hits the gong of eviction, Potpourri, after thorough research unveils the most popular housemates  based on their followership on the Instagram, just a day into the Big Brother House and their status as that 10am on Friday July 12, 2019.

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Going into the Big Brother house after just one day in the house (12 noon July 1, 2019), Housemate Tacha was the most followed among the 21 housemates with 351,000  followers. Next in line was Kim Oprah with 108,000 followers. In third place was Mike with 43.500 followers, followed  by Mercy at 29.5000 followers. Surprisingly, evicted Avala stood at 18.2 thousand while Omashola was 13.300, same as Ike also at 13.300. Khafi had 7.898, Diane 7,295, Tuoyo 7,212, Ella 6,998, Frodd 5,368, Seyi 5,015, Esther 4,018, Nelson 3,940, Gedoni 3,300, Sir Dee 3,055, Isilomo 3,015, Thelma 2,901 and Jeff 2,464. There was no recognizable Instagram handle for Jackye as at the time of compilation, so no figure was alloted to her.

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The biggest advantage of being in the Big Brother Naija is speedy fame. As at 10AM on Friday July 12, 2019 the popularity of most housemates has shot up tremendously after being in the house for just 11 days. Tacha who had highest number of followers going into the house maintained her lead from 351,000 followers to  445,000 followers, meaning she had gained 94,000 followers in a space of 11 days. Kim Oprah remains second after 11 days in the house with 149,000 followers, gaining 41,000 more followers. The same trend works for Mike who shot up to 88.200 from 43.500, gaining 44.500  more followers. Mercy also maintained  the status quo increasing to 58.300 followers and so is Avala who shot up to 53.700 followers. Omoshola, Diane and Ike increase their followership to 40.4k, 38.2k and 35.4 respectively.

Khafi is 35.1k, Seyi 32.5k, Isilomo 31.1k, Ella 27.6k, Frodd 27.2k, Thelma 25.8k, Esther, 25.7k, Sir Dee 23.5k, Tuoyo 22.9k, Gedoni 20.2k, Jeff 19.9k and Nelson 8,345.

Going by these available statistics the top 5 most popular housemates on Instagram is Tacha, Kim Oprah, Mike, Mercy and Avala. Interestingly, Avala has been evicted. Even Isilomo who has also been evicted has the highest growth rate of all the housemates. Going into the house Isilomo stood at number 18 in popularity and presently enjoys 11th spot even after being evicted.

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