July 28, 2019

3-year-old battling hearing loss severe disease cries for lifeline

3-year-old battling hearing loss severe disease cries for lifeline

By Dayo Johnson, Akure

SAMARA Ayomide Adewale is a three-and-a-half-year-old girl suffering from ‘sensorineural hearing loss severe’ disease which has slowed down her growth.

•SAMARA in hospital

Consequently, her family is appealing to Nigerians for financial assistance to save the girl’s life.

The problem of Samara, who is presently on admission at the State Specialist Hospital, Akure, began when she was six months old.

Speaking with Sunday Vanguard, the girl’s mother, Mrs Edet Adewale, said, “The problem started when we noticed that she was having temperature and we took her to hospital where she took immunization.

“The temperature continued but we didn’t know that it would get to this level and we have done many tests.

“Since then, so many things have happened but the biggest problem is that she cannot do things she should normally do at her age. She has not been talking and walking, she cannot make use of her hands, she cannot do anything; she is just there.

“I do everything for her. Anywhere I am going, I have to carry her because I cannot leave her alone. Meanwhile, after doctors carried out tests on her, they told us that she had hearing loss, that her inner ear has been affected and that to correct it, they need to do what they call conclear implants for her.

“No school can enrol her because of her condition. I want my daughter to be a normal child again. I want Ayomide to walk. I want her to play the way normal children play especially because it is challenging for me to carry her from one place to other.

“Doctors have given us till August to raise N14million in order to carry out surgery on her. According to them, they are bringing medical experts from outside the country to join them for the surgery.

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“Nigerians should please help me and my family because N14million is not something my family can afford. We need assistance”.

She appealed to philanthropists, well-meaning Nigerians, religious and charity organizations to come to the family’s rescue financially to save the life of their girl.

Mrs Adewale added, “We have been managing this situation for the past two years and we have spent all our life savings on the ailment”.

An Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon at the State Specialist Hospital, Akure, Dr Akinboun Ambrose, who is one of the doctors taking care of Samara, said the cause of the ailment is seizure disorder post-immunization fever.

The only way out, according to Ambrose is to carry out surgery on her, saying she needs conclear implants which may not cost less than N14million for both ears.

“The baby’s sickness is twofold, neurological side and autological side. The neurological side affected her ability to maintain steady stage, and that is being managed by neurologists at OAUTHC Ile-Ife”, he said.

“However the one that concerns ear surgeon is the hearing aspect; so she is with us for planning her for the ear surgery when the money ready.

“Present stage of her hearing is to the level of what we call ‘proffer to surgeon’ and there is no way she can engage in conversation as a result of the ailment and that started from the history we got from her parents for the past two years shortly after she had episode of ‘sesor’.

“I learnt that she was given immunization which may likely cause the ailment”.

According to him, the ailment could be the side effect of the vaccine as her inner ears had been badly affected.

“She can only benefit from conclear implants”, he added.

Kind hearted Nigerians can reach the parents of the girl through: 07068913329, 08063007800, Bank Name: Safe-Adewale Samara Ayomi, Bank Account: 5810648010 and Bank Name: FCMB Bank.