June 15, 2019

Your lifestyle could be responsible for your gaining weight

Obesity, hormone


By Bunmi Sofola

It’s normal to gain weight as the years go by. Brain cells responsible for regulating appetite slow down, so it takes us longer to feel full. The following advice by a nutritionist should stop the scales creeping up….


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Don’t get overtired: A sleep-deprived woman typically eats 30g moire fat each day, just in an effort to stay awake.

Make your evenings technologically free: Mobiles and tablets muddle our metabolism because they emit blue light, which our brain confuses with natural light—and that stimulates appetite.

Chill out: Stress produces hormones that instruct our body to lay down fat. Worries can burn 100 fewer calories a day.

Go slow: Gulping meals in front of the TV, computer, on the go, makes us eat faster, without truly tasting the food—so we’re hungry again much more quickly. Take your time, sitting at a table if possible.

Turn off the news: Psychologists say hearing about doom and gloom causes our survival instinct to kick in, making us want to stock up on calories while we can.

Watch what you drink: Just two glasses of white wine can add up to the same amount of calories as there are in four chocolate biscuits.

Could it be the pill?: Weight gain and water retention can be side-effects of some hay-fever tablets, antidepressants and other medications. Talk to your doctor.