June 23, 2019

I’ll choose love over 100 million dollars – Linda Osifo

I’ll choose love over 100 million dollars – Linda Osifo

Tolulope Abereoje

It has been a widespread perception that an average Nigerian woman loves and wants money, especially when she is in a relationship. The debate on this topic on social media has also been a never-ending one as many have claimed women want understanding and attention.

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Linda Osifo might as well have given a prospective admirer some hope as she recently said love is important to her and would definitely choose love any day anytime over money.

The ex-beauty queen, who also goes by the acronym LAO, revealed this while sharing a stunning photo of herself on her Instagram page.

My friends can testify that I’ll choose love over $100 Million Dollars anytime because love is important!

Aligning Your Goals

In reaction to her post, actress Belinda Effah expressed shock over Linda’s comment. She, however, added that it would be an expensive joke if she let that amount of money go and that she is willing to take the money if Linda doesn’t need it.

Let me check that it’s the same LAO I know or has my friend changed and I didn’t get the memo? Please stop that expensive joke, collect the money and give me. Who loves help? We will use the money to fall in love,” she said.