June 14, 2019

Hilux tackles the rough, relishes the smooth

Hilux tackles the rough, relishes the smooth

Toyota Hilux

By Theodore Opara

IN the one tonne pick-up vehicle segment, the Toyota Hilux has carved a niche for itself in all ramifications. It has a beautiful design like no other while leaving others trailing behind in term of performance, safety and comfort. Every pick-up manufactured in this segment knows that Hilux is the one to beat. But Toyota has never relented in making the Hilux to keep its leading position with every successful model launching into the market.

The continuous improvement of the Hilux has made it the choice pick-up for those who want for both work and leisure. The Hilux perfect fits into the two no matter with a captivating design that hardly goes unnoticed everywhere it goes, the Hilux has been able to capture the attention of most families who need vehicles that can go anywhere, carry out every task without compromising comfort. It is built for work. Take a con-do approach to carrying varied loads whatever the task. The double cabin version takes this little further with its sporty design thereby guaranteeing pleasurable ride.

Toyota Hilux

Under the bonnet of the Hilux is either a 2.7 litre gasoline engine or 3.0 lire diesel engine. Although the diesel are the most popular, the gasoline engine with dual VVT-i (variable valve  timing intelligent) delivers increased torque and output, excellent fuel economy and reduced emissions. The Turbo diesel engines features direct fuel injection by common rail into the cylinder. This precisely controls the air-fuel ratio, contributing to excellent response and fuel efficiency.

Toyota rolls out new Hiace series(Opens in a new browser tab)

The Hilux is available in either manual and automatic transmissions. Though automatic transmissions are not very common in pick-ups in this segment, Hilux offers it for those who enjoy pleasurable rides. A super intelligent automatic transmission produces outstanding driving performance and fuel efficiency. In addition, the drive mode switch allows the driver to select between Eco or power mode to suit the driving conditions.

Single or double cabin, the Hilux provides leisure. The cabin offers unique and modern features expected of Trailblazer like the Hilux. The easy-to-read meters, and a 4×2 inch colour Thin film transistor multi-information display provides a driver with vital vehicle information at a glance, which the audio system with a large display enable touch operation. The USB/mini-jack enable portable music player to be enjoyed. Steering wheels comes with switches. The four direction switch integrated in the steering wheel makes it easy to adjust the multi-information display among other functions. Added to all these is smart entry and start system.

The Hilux offers spacious interior like a large sedan. Spacious and inviting the refined comfort and smart functionally of the cabin enriches the quality of life of all occupants.

Hilux comes in either 4 wheels drive or 2 wheel drive which gives the car the toughness to tackle any task, challenges all terrains with a new level of durability and driving comfort. Added to these are features such as Hill-Start Assist Control, A-TRC which helps to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on a steep or slippery inchin. The A-TRC activates the moment the risk of wheelspin is detected to help enhance the ability to grip the road and maintain traction especially when starting off or accelerating on uneven or slippery surface.

Safety features abound in the Hilux seatbelts, air-bags, vehicle stability control, trail sway control etc are some of the safety features of the Hilux.