Chief Mbazulike Amaechi, First Republic Aviation Minister and the only living member of the Zikist Movement, in this Interview, bares his mind on the request by the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, to establish Fulani Vigilante Service in South-East states.

Fulani Vigilante

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu

Since last Friday, South-East has been boiling following the request by the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, to establish vigilantes in South-East states. What do you think about the request?

I am not surprised at all about that request because many people, many Nigerians, particularly, people from the Northern part of the country, since after the Nigerian-Biafra civil war have been seeing Igbo land as a conquered colony or territory, while the Igbo people are seen as conquered people. They have never recognized Igbo land and people as equal partners in the Nigerian question.

Now, the attempt by MACBAN is to secure their perceived conquered part of Nigeria; the country they own, a colony they must control by all means.

So when a tribe in a particular part of the country that has the plan of Islamisation of the country is making some moves you will know and will not be surprised. When they say they are coming to South-East to set up vigilante groups, it means they are regarding that place as their conquered colony, and therefore, they are sending their police, to guard and police the colony. Their mission is clear after all they called it Fulani Vigilante, the message is very clear.

However, I am disappointed that the Governors of Igbo land are so myopic that they are not seeing what those people, the MACBAN leaders, they have been meeting with want to do, or whether they are seeing what they want to do but cowardly accepting it and cannot react or speak against it at the point the request was made.

IPOB says no to MACBAN setting up vigilante group in South East

To keep quiet in the face of the request makes them look inefficient and lacking in their duties. That request first of all was an insult to them and their offices as governors.

All I will say is that the Igbo, please be yourself, you are not conquered people, be the original Igbo you are; be proud that you are Igbo and defend yourself from anybody coming to colonise you. You are not conquered people and will never be. This country is owned by all of us, we have even worked more than any tribe in Nigeria to keep the country united.

Is it only the governors that are guilty of keeping quiet in the face of humiliation of the Igbo people? What Igbo people in the National Assembly?

Do you think they are doing much for the people?

It is a shame on the members of the National Assembly that this kind of thing is being planned and they are keeping quiet. Not even one person has reacted to this insult on the generality of Igbo race. They are cowards, most of them behave like slaves in Abuja when they should behave like masters. They do not speak out, they are cowards. Who said they were elected to represent and speak for you?

Most politicians from South East are cowards, even when they are being humiliated they keep quiet because they want money and position, and when they speak out they will lose their money and positions. I hope the new set of lawmakers that have been inaugurated as members of the Ninth National Assembly can make a difference. We do hope that this new“set will be better than the ones who have gone out.

On alleged selective disarming of vigilante, hunters and other licensed arms-bearing Nigerians by the former Inspector General of Police on the orders of the Presidency

That is why I said they want to protect their perceived conquered colony. They disarmed the vigilantes and hunters in South-East where they regard as their colony. They regard South-East as the colony under them, like the British once regarded Nigeria as a colony under them. That is what is presently happening now. That is the way MACBAN,“is seeing South-East now; they are sending their people to make arrangement to guard their colony with their police and they are not joking about it. They are arming them as they are disarming the vigilantes and hunters in Igbo land.

So if the governors, senators and members of House of Representatives and other politicians cannot say anything to defend the Igbo race, then the ordinary Igbo man on the street should defend himself. Even if he has only stone, he should use it to defend“himself and should not be a coward like the people that said you elected them.

Let no ordinary Igbo man be a coward. Let them not be cowards like the politicians we have in Igbo land. Most of them do not care about you. Defend yourself!


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