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Faith in the Redemptive names of God (1)

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The success of Abraham’s faith as was seen in our last episode opened a new chapter in the history of Mankind, as God began to reveal Himself in various ways to humanity as our Redeemer. (Isaiah 54:5).

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Pastor JK Akinola

Missio-Dei, Our Missionary God.

The man was not the one who started looking for God after the fall in the garden of Eden. Rather, it was God who began to look for a man. In Gen 3:9, God called out on Adam, and asked him, “Where are you?” God came looking for a man when guilty conscience gripped him as he went into hiding. Redemption story began immediately from the garden of Eden, as God covered his nakedness with animal skin, thus signalling the first shedding of blood for divine appeasement. Hallelujah! The man had earlier try to cover his nakedness by sewing tattered rags in the form of fig leaves, but it was all in vain. Oh, what a Great Redeemer our God is!. The man had owed a debt he could not pay for all eternity, and Missio-Dei had come to pay it all. The greatest shocker for the devil and joy to humanity was the all-time famous proclamation in Gen 3:15, where God said, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise thy head, and you shall bruise His heel”. The Redeemer or Messiah was thus promised from the foundation of the world. What a Great God and Saviour!

The Soteria  God – Our Redeemer, God of our Salvation

The buying-back of man from the devil’s market where he had been sold is the beginning of God’s revelation of His Redemptive Names. Having understood the Missio-Dei evangelistic name, it is important to understand His pastoral name Saviour (or Salvation, called Soteria in Greek). Salvation is a broader term in Greek than we often think of in English. Other concepts that are inherent in Soteria include restoration to a state of safety, soundness, health and well being as well as preservation from the danger of destruction. Sozo, the verb and Soteria the noun are surely two of the most important words in all of God’s Word.

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Redemption is the process of buying man back from the devil’s market of oppression. The God of our Salvation, Soteria, showed up for us in fulfilling His promised Seed of the woman in Gen 3:15, who came to bruise the head of the serpent, the slave-master. Col 2:15. The instrument of the purchase is the Blood of His Covenant. In Zech 9:11, God says to the Messiah (Jesus Christ), “As for thee also, by the blood of thy covenant, I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit where there is no water”. Praise God! No wonder He is referred to as the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. (Rev. 13:8)

This was also the picture of the slavery in Egypt, where the Israelites were held in bondage, and their salvation was effected by application of the blood of the lamb on the lintel and door posts of the Israelites. The Hebrew root word for salvation is “Yesha” (the basis for the name Joshua and Jesus) which signifies freedom from what binds or restricts us and thus effects deliverance. The Greek word is “Soteria” which means to provide recovery, to rescue, to affect one’s welfare.

Salvation is the work of God whereby He transforms a soul from the grips of condemnation (eternal wrath) to eternal life. The idea of salvation from beginning to the end is God’s. He thought of it and provided all that was necessary to make it possible for a human being to be rescued from the wrath of God. That’s why Scripture says that salvation is of the Lord. In excitement, Moses called God his Salvation after the Lord delivered the Israelites from Egyptian bondage at the Red Sea. Salvation is the gracious work of God whereby He delivers undeserving, gospel-believing sinners from sin and its results; brings them into a right, vital relationship with Himself; and bestows on them the riches of His grace.

I challenge you, therefore, today to enter into the fullness of this joy of salvation by yielding your life to Jesus and also submitting to the cleansing power in His Blood for your total freedom from sin, satan and the world. It is your Redemption privilege. I expect your testimonies shortly, as you do so. God bless you.


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