May 1, 2019

Woman, 64, attacked in hospital for snoring, dies


Eileen Bunting, 64, died 13 days after allegedly being hit on the head with a cup. PHOTO: SWNS

A family is looking for answers after their mother died two weeks after being hit on the head while sleeping for snoring. Eileen Bunting, 64, was recovering at Hull Royal Infirmary when her family believes she was hit on the head with a cup by another patient irritated by her snoring.


Eileen Bunting, 64, died 13 days after allegedly being hit on the head with a cup. PHOTO: SWNS

They said they believe the attack was premeditated because the door handles to her room had been tied together with a blanket to prevent anyone from getting in. Her son Mark claims nurses found her mother’s attacker ‘stood over her with a cup’ which had been used to strike her across the head.

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The attacker was put in a room by herself under 24-hour watch as a precautionary measure and police were called to the hospital. Mrs Bunting’s husband of 47 years Philip Bunting said another patient reportedly said the assailant was “getting agitated at Eileen’s snoring” the night before the assault. She was supposed to be coming home on the day of the attack but ended up having to be re-admitted and was told a few days later she only had a few days left to live.

Mrs Bunting died on April 4 – 13 days after the incident, which her husband says caused her to start acting strangely. “She was seeing things and talking to people who weren’t there. She just wasn’t herself,” he said. Her cause of death was recorded as kidney failure but her family is adamant the attack cut her life short just as she was starting to recover. She suffered a couple of falls while in hospital but was generally starting to feel better after having a stent fitted in her bile duct.

Her appetite had increased and she was becoming more like her normal self. Mr Bunting said he never expected his wife to be put in so much danger in hospital. Her son Mark added: “The nurses must have been doing the rounds, noticed the doors were shut and found my mum full of blood and her stood over her with a cup.”