Every business needs a way to secure payments, but with so many choices in financial services for online businesses, it may be a difficult decision for new entrepreneurs to make.

Not only do you have to consider the technical and logistical hurdles of setting up a new payment gateway, but you will also have to think about convenience for your customers and, perhaps most importantly, the gateway’s security. Jumia Pay which is the payment gateway used by Jumia shoppers is both convenient and secure. You can make payment and go to sleep with no worries.

To help your decision-making, here are some of the things to look out for when choosing a payment gateway.


Some payment gateways are easier to integrate than others, though most payment gateways strive for compatibility with as many technological systems as possible to maximize their user bases. However, you may have unique needs or requests, such as linking your payment gateway to your invoicing software or another financial data management platform you use.


Different payment gateways offer different speeds, as well. If you’re looking to maximize the average user experience and complete transactions as fast as possible, you’ll want a processor that can secure debit card authorization in a matter of seconds. You may also consider how quickly these payment providers can secure the money for your account.

Fraud detection and other security features

Some payment gateways specialize in fraud detection. They’ll help you proactively identify suspicious activity before it gets any further in the payment process. If you plan on handling large volumes of transactions, this is especially important for you.

Invoicing capabilities

Depending on what systems you’re already using, it could be in your best interest to secure a payment gateway with built-in invoicing capabilities. This would help you streamline your payment process, and may reduce your reliance on other platforms.

Costs and fees

Finally, you’ll need to consider the costs and fees associated with each payment gateway. Some may have better features, but will also come with an accompanying greater cost. Some platforms offer zero setup cost and zero monthly payment but may have higher fees for things like chargebacks. Others will offer a flat monthly fee, with no additional fees for other types of transactions. Your choice depends on your budget and how you expect your business to perform.


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