By By Elizabeth Uwandu

Using the name Jesus does not guarantee answer or not to your prayers; Easter is a sham, a fraud and a scam etc.” These were some of the comments that aroused the curiosity of the audience and Christian at the launch of, I am Yeshua, a new book written by Chidimma Osuchukwu.

Many wondered whether the author was writing from another Bible or the same Bible they knew. Incidentally, the author is not one of these religious writers out to rip their congregation off their hard earned money, but on a mission to educate many who have been fed with false doctrines. What is the state in the Christendom? What is the meaning of most of the Christian celebrations? All these questions are what the author addressed in the 109-page book.

The eight-chapter book which chronicles the life and times of Yeshua which many, according to the author, refer to as Jesus, is a unique narration of the last six days of the greatest man that ever walked on the earth. It contradicts volumes of theological archeology and teachings; exposing and correcting misconstrued ideas, philosophies and doctrines of the True Creator, His creation – comprising of the heavens and earth, and of the Messiah whom the entire world knows as “Jesus Christ” even up to his death and resurrection.

Reviewed by Kunle Abraham, the book which is written in narrative style and in the first person plural, helps the readers to be engaged while seeing Biblical truths and mysteries. In the words of the author, “ Settled with never-before seen clarity, the issue of when Yeshua was arrested, crucified, died and when he arose again as he prophesied will expose the shaky grounds upon which many believers hinge their belief and challenge objective readers to buy the truth and sell it not.

Giving some controversies of events and festivals observed by Christians, Osuchukwu said Christ birth has nothing to do with a date and that Easter celebration remained a scam.
His words, “ For instance, you notice that Christians celebrate Good Friday. It is not in the scripture or any page in the Bible. So if Easter is biblical, tell me how you can get three days and three nights from Friday to Sunday morning. And if you read Matthew chapter 28 from verse one, it says that Mary and all the women immediately after the Sabbath went to his grave, they didn’t see him.

Enough ke? Lagosians want more!

The Sabbath is on Saturday. And Yeshua did not even rise on Sunday. So, the whole Easter is shambolic, a fraud and a scam and it is meant to enshrine people.
On why the book was written, he said . “ We want every believer, non-Christians who has a curious mind and who wants to understand what the bible says about the subject of Yeshua to read. It doesn’t only talk about Yeshua, but who he was, when he was born.

“For instance in the book, you will see that Yeshua was born on the seven month of the Biblical calendar. In the book, you realize that your January to December have nothing to do with God. God created the sun and the moon and told us that those things will govern when his time and appointments are. So, the book will expose people to understand the Bible and also challenge them to obey the truth.”

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The book brings about a battle of the mind for all faiths. It also awakens our consciousness to the truth from the current state of lethargy and gives us insightful deep researched knowledge which has been lost for thousands of years and its absence has wrongly sharpened the society and the world at large.


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