By Victoria Ojeme and Princess Owoh

The Acting Director-General of Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution IPCR, Dr Bakut Tswah Bakut, Wednesday said all was set to have 191 senatorial peace building offices in each of the senatorial districts; with peacebuilding officers in those districts.

IPCR set to have 191 Senatorial peace building offices

The Acting Director-General of the Institute Dr Bakut Tswah Bakut stated this in Abuja during a seminar on “ The infrastructure for peace (14p) project on grassroots peace platform and capacities for youths and Women.

Bakut added that “14p is the United Nations’ concept that encourages the creation and reinforcement of peace structures at all levels of the society in member states for the purpose of conflict prevention, management and resolution.

“As a member state, Nigeria through the Institute embraced the initiative to manage and mitigate the threats of violent conflict in the country.

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“You will agree with me that in recent weeks, the level; of violence is disturbing and as part of its mandate, the Institute is meeting with relevant stakeholders like you to help support the setting up of the structures for peace and security in our communities.

“By this, it is our belief that when the skills, capacities, resources and tools as individuals and organizations work together, it would help build constructive relationships and enhance sustainable resilience of our societies against the risks of relapse into conflict, it is by so doing that Nigeria will begin to experience some significant reduction in criminal and conflict violence”.

He, therefore, assured that “IPCR is determined to provide structural capacity for peace support in practice. Through coordinated planning, you are going to be responsible for promoting peaceful co-existence, tolerance and resilience in your various communities and IPCR will oversee how these structures will deliver a better result for all. It is in the spirit of this goal that this seminar was designed”.

Member-elect House of Representative, Abuja South Hassan Usman, added that the way forward to every issue is dialogue.

“Even if you start a war today, tomorrow you still have to go back to the table to go and solve the issues and therefore, if that is the issue it is better we start straight up with dialogue.

Other Nigerians should know the pains we people of FCT are going through. Once they understand and appreciate what we are going through; we will be able to join us in finding a solution to the problems of satellite and indigene problem in the country.



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